I don’t know if your local newspaper ran this story at the top of the front page like mine did, but the headline reads,


The sub-headline reads,

“Bush administration has repeatedly warned countries against harboring terrorists”

The story was co-authored by Katherine Schrader and John Solomon of the Associated Press.

You may recall that a few months ago, Scott Ritter, the former weapons inspector, warned that President Bush had already set into motion a plan to attack Iran in the month of June. Well, it’s June and this front page “news” is tantamount to an artillery barrage intended to “soften-up” a beachhead for invasion, only it’s just you and me who need to be softened-up enough (again) do nothing while this president goes about his business of killing people in yet another sovereign nation that did not attack us or our allies.

Apparently, Scott Ritter is a very “dialed-in” guy. Ritter did everything he could to refute the Bush administration’s contention that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and intended to use them against us or our allies “imminently”. We now know Saddam didn’t have the WMD, because they weren’t there when we invaded Iraq, and the infamous “Downing Street Memo” has proven to be the smoking gun that reveals Bush knew Saddam didn’t have WMD and didn’t have a relationship with al Qaeda or any other terrorist group. Further, the Downing Street Memo reveals Bush and his people conspired to “fix the facts and intelligence”, meaning Bush deliberately misled the American people before he ordered the attack on Iraq March 19, 2003.

You could say Bush lied in order to “soften-up” domestic resistance against invading Iraq. This latest headline and story appear to be exactly the same kind of thing: Get the American people to believe Iran is “harboring” the terrorists who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, and an attack on Iran is thereby justified in the public mind.

But if there are terrorists hiding out in Iran, you can be rest-assured the government of Iran is not knowingly or actively “harboring” them. They know better than to give the U.S. any excuse to attack, and they know the U.S. will launch an attack over the slightest provocation, so we citizens can all safely assume this headline and story is nothing more than U.S. Government propaganda. For example, I could hide out in the mountains of California, but that in no way translates into the government of California “harboring” me. See what I mean?

Iran knows the U.S. wants any excuse to destroy their nuclear program in order to prevent Iran from developing nuclear warheads they would use against Israel. Unlike the Iraqi nuclear facility that Israel destroyed in a lightning air strike, the Iranians built their nuclear facilities deep underground. Coincidentally, the U.S. recently sold Israel hundreds of “Bunker-Buster” bombs than can penetrate the earth 100 feet or more before detonating. The tricky part is knowing for a certainty where all of the Iranian nuclear facilities are located, and I’m fairly certain the Iranians deliberately built a number of decoy facilities, as well as carefully hidden ones Israeli and U.S. intelligence may not know about. If the U.S. and Israel are planning a joint attack on Iran this month, it means they have reached a level of near certainty that their intelligence has located and identified the targets of interest. We can only hope.

When you are a super-power like the United States, the nation can be temporarily led by a complete moron because our wealth and military power can make up for a lot of stupid mistakes. Of course, it costs a lot of money and our soldiers have to die in the process, but that’s just the way it is.

The characteristic I’ve noticed in President Bush is his impulsiveness to act without considering the consequences beyond that first move, and I doubt very much he has considered what actions the Iranians might take in retaliation for a pre-emptive United States/Israeli attack.

When I wrote, “If I Were Saddam” months before our invasion of Iraq, I accurately predicted what Saddam and his regime would do in almost every detail, including a well-funded and well-armed insurgency. That doesn’t mean I’m the brightest bulb on the tree; it just means I considered Saddam’s limited options and predicted he’d use them. As simple as that is, our president and his boys didn’t look ahead of the invasion itself, and that is why a lot of American parents have a tri-folded American flag sitting on their mantle instead of their son or daughter coming to visit for Sunday dinner.

I do have a bit more faith where the attack on Iran is concerned, because it involves Israel, a nation so small and vulnerable they cannot make the mistake of temporarily electing even one stupid leader.

I do not believe Iran will mass an army and counter-attack because they know we can beat them on the ground with fewer soldiers and our deadly military technology. They saw what we did to Saddam’s army in Desert Storm, so the options left to the Iranians, short of an American/Israeli land invasion, which I do not foresee as even possible, is to send thousands of well-armed and well-funded Iranian fighters covertly into Iraq to bolster the Iraqi Resistance and kill as many American soldiers as they can. In the highly unlikely event Bush is stupid enough to try a land invasion of Iran following the air strikes, the Iranians will resort to an insurgency just like Saddam effectively did.

That’s what I would do, and it would exacerbate an already stressed American military. The Iranians know the U.S. military is facing its worst manpower shortage in U.S. history because they can read American newspaper reports just like we can. They know how demoralizing repeat combat duty can be on an all-volunteer army, and they know that if the U.S. is forced to reinstate the draft, which they are prepared to do overnight, the American public backlash will be massive and swift.

Bush’s impulsiveness absolutely scares the bejeebers right out of me. He’s like a monkey who reaches for a banana through narrow bars and will not relinquish it even though he can’t get his hand and the banana back in. That’s is why Bush will keep throwing soldiers at the problem in Iraq indefinitely, whereas a President Kerry, who actually served in combat in Vietnam, would have known when it was time to say “enough”.

Anyway, if my instincts serve me as the usually do, today’s headline and story are no different than a flare shot up to signal a night attack, and I believe that night attack will commence shortly against Iran’s nuclear facilities by joint U.S. and Israeli forces.

Carl F. Worden


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