Stop Japan from killing Whales


Urge countries to stop Japan from killing humpbacks



“Why did the whale songs disappear?” Let’s hope our children, and the generations that follow, never have to ask this question. Famous for serenading the seas with their beautiful, haunting melodies, the humpback whale has been protected since 1966 after becoming nearly extinct from commercial whaling.

But Japan is planning on killing humpbacks once again for their meat, defying international agreements and sanctuaries in the false name of “scientific research.” And only we can stop them.

I desperately need your help to stop this horrible tragedy before its too late.

Help keep the “Songsters of The Sea” singing

The grace, power, and beauty of the humpback whale as it glides underwater, leaps toward the sky, or simply lifts its flukes and slides into the sea symbolizes the vanishing poetry of nature.

The humpback’s song is one of nature’s greatest wonders. With a range that covers eight octaves, the songs of the male humpback can last up to 30 minutes, improvised and embellished between other males like jazz musicians.

Performed in the whales' mating and calving areas, these captivating songs may serve to attract females, scare away other males, or maintain the distance between other singers. But whatever the true purpose of their songs, one thing is certain: These magnificent, endangered creatures are meant to be witnessed in their natural beauty and heard, not eaten.

There is no humane way to kill a whale

Using a loophole that allows whales to be killed for scientific study, more than 25,000 whales have been hunted and killed since a worldwide ban on commercial whaling was passed by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1986. Yet it is unnecessary to kill whales in order to research them, especially when non-lethal study alternatives already exist.

To kill whales, whalers launch grenade-tipped spears. Some whales continue to live up to an hour after the harpoon explodes inside them. These same cruel methods, first employed over a hundred years ago, are still used today.

Several countries hold the key votes in this month’s July 20th IWC meeting to pass or reject Japan's outrageous proposal to hunt humpback whales. Our sources tell us that these countries are very sensitive to external opinion, and with a little pressure, they can be swayed to vote to protect the whales, instead of slaughter them.

That’s why I need your help right now to contact the Swiss, Danish, South Korean, and Chinese Ambassadors in your country. Please ask them to support the IWC Conservation Committee and to reject Japan's proposal to expand its cruel whale hunt to include humpback and fin whales.


Every voice matters. This is your chance to speak out for the rest of the world, to make a real difference in keeping our "ocean’s" alive with nature’s most precious song.

I know that together, we can keep the humpbacks singing.

Informant: David Atlas


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