Probable connection between EM radiation and H5N1 Avian Virus outbreak

I have done extensive and exhausting field research on the Avian Virus outbreak here in Abbotsford BC (it began in February 2004) that strongly suggest a connection between the initial outbreak site and EM radiation from a very high power, multi frequency, military transmitter site located directly across the road from the poultry factory where it all began. I have presented my research to government agencies and ultimately to a Federal goverment Investigative Commission and they have apparently chosen to ignore it!

I have shared this information with quite a few people that I have met and will continue to do so. I believe the science is conclusive and more than that it was conclusive over 35 years ago !!!! The single most important fact that people tend to forget, or are unaware of is that the effects of radiation are CUMULATIVE and I strive to emphasize this point.

I truly believe that EM radiation was a vital component of the toxicities and bad management practises that ignited the H5N1 Avian Virus threat here last year.

This is my presentation to the Parliamentary Commission here in Abbotsford last Jan 18. It shows the probable connection between EM radiation and modern poultry production methods.

The science is empirical and archived at NRC Canada.

This paper is now on record with Ottawa.


I have shared and discussed it thoroughly with several scientists including Dr Magda Havas of Trent University at Peterborough Ontario. She is totally supportable and encouraging. There are quite a few others as well.

The attachements are not exactly in order - suggest begin with 'cover page' then 'introduction' then the rest will make sense. This provides empirical scientific archived proof of the harmful effects of EM radiation on 'living systems' and Randy White encouraged me to present it. Needless to say there is much much more to this paper and I have it all.

Larry Blackhall


Radiation Flu?

H5N1 the virus that is supposed to wipe out 1/2 the planet's animal/bird/human population soon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H5N1

Pandemic could cause food shortages, expert warns

Evolving H5N1 Bird Flu Alarms Experts


U.S. chastised on flu preparedness

Report warns that not enough is being done to prevent influenza spread

By Rebecca Vesely, STAFF WRITER

A new report is warning that California would be hit hard in the event of a pandemic influenza and that the U.S. government isn't doing enough to prepare for it.

The report, released Friday by the Trust for America's Health, a nonpartisan public health group, warns that as many as 8 million Californians could be infected by a pandemic flu and nearly 61,000 could die.

The resurgence of a lethal strain of avian flu, H5N1, in Southeast Asia is raising concerns among global health experts that a pandemic influenza may be on the horizon.

Using models developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Trust for America's Health estimates that more than half a million Americans could die and 2.3 million could be hospitalized if a moderately severe strain of pandemic flu virus hits the United States. About 67 million would be at risk of contracting the illness.

The authors will present the findings Thursday to members of the House Government Reform Committee at a hearing on U.S. preparedness for pandemic flu.

As the most populous state, California could be most affected. The projections were based on 1999 U.S. Census figures and previous pandemics in1918 and in the 1960s. The authors assumed a 25 percent infection rate, a figure they called conservative.

"This country is lagging in its readiness for pandemic flu," said Shelley A. Hearne, executive director for the Trust for America's Health. "There is great concern that this emerging strain of avian flu could be the next pandemic."

Dr. Carol Glaser, chief of the California Department of Health Services' viral branch in Richmond, said the numbers are highly speculative, but not wild guesses. "There are many variables to this so it's impossible to project," she said.

The CDC has estimated that a pandemic flu could kill

200,000 Americans, including about 20,000 Californians — less than the group's new estimates but still substantial numbers.

Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, said this issue should not be taken lightly.

"The Trust for America's Health report clearly demonstrates that the emergence of a pandemic flu could exact a tremendous toll on U.S. health and economic stability," Davis said in a statement.

The H5N1 subtype of bird flu has killed 54 of the 107 people in Southeast Asia since its re-emergence.

Two very good blogs updating us on the H5N1 Avian Bird Flu Virus:

Informant: beefree


H5N1 bird flu - The Global Crisis Advisory

Interpandemic Period - H5N1 bird flu




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