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10:30 - 02 June 2005

So, mobile provider O2 are confident emissions tests on a mobile phone mast at St Edward's RC School in Packington Lane , Coleshill, are well within (ICNIRP) emission guidelines are they? (Herald, May 19).

Well of course they will be! These ridiculously lenient guidelines were adopted by Government in 1992, in the technology's infancy, after subjecting animals to 20 minutes of this electro-magnetic radiation and then pronouncing it safe to humans! In addition, this 'research' only measured the thermal effects of this radiation, not the biological effects.

Mast emissions will hardly ever be above these meaningless guidelines because, as independent research has shown, they were set 9,000 times too high, i.e. human cells start to be affected at 9,000 times below the current limit.

Phone mast emissions are pulsed and low level. The major concern is the biological effect on the body, the ability to alter human cells.

Brain wave patterns pulse on a similar frequency to radiation emitted by these masts. Independent research shows that it is this pulsing frequency of the radiation emitted that causes headaches, sleep disturbance, rashes and fatigue.

More worryingly it also reduces melatonin, the cancer fighting hormone, being released from the pineal gland.

Even the Government's own advisers (the Stewart Report) confirm that this technology has not been proved safe.

John Elliott, Bristol


In addition, whenever O2 knows something is happening around a site, as we in Orpington have discovered, such as residents renting meters or the media coming, O2 switch the masts off!

The 'independent' report commissioned by O2 to test emissions in the immediate vicinity of the Orpington BT Exchange was a farce, as the sites chosen to take the readings from were laughable, eg, two roads away behind houses. All the hotspots we had repeatedly warned them out were totally ignored. We had to laugh, though, when Jim Stevenson, (O2 bod and also a Councillor for Mental Health in Lewisham - excuse the ironic laughing) insisted the masts were on, then was seen up on the roof of the exchange measuring the meters - either they were off, or he likes to live dangerously!

Angie Shields


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