After all the recent tragedies, why are environmental factors ignored by mental health experts?



After all the recent tragedies, why are environmental factors ignored by mental health experts?

EVERY suicide is a tragedy. The ones left behind are stigmatised. Psychologists find an explanation in underlying depression. But what causes depression? Depression is a mental disorder.

Do we have to blame ourselves only for not coping with stress, for being sad, or are there any factors other than our personalities?

I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), a condition in which the blood-brain barrier is permanently broken down, so that even the smallest traces of chemicals can cause severe symptoms like headaches, tremors, insomnia, disequilibrium, etc.

A year ago I spent a day in east Cork.

The wind blew from Cork Harbour, the air was full of poison and within two hours I was in a state of fear and hopelessness.

This area is north-east of Ringaskiddy, where there are not only chemical and pharmaceutical companies but also at least five toxic waste on-site incinerators.

With prevailing south-westerly winds a lot of emissions, like dioxin, furans and other neurotoxins reach east Cork.

As | also suffer from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), I noticed extremely high electromagnetic radiation.

In Ireland the general levels of electromagnetic radiation are far higher than on the continent.

There are three mobile phone masts visible in Midleton, two within a 400m radius.

Microwaves from mobile phones and masts break down the blood-brain barrier, creating conditions like MCS with chemicals crossing the barrier, causing severe symptoms, among them confusion, irritability and depression.

In all the recent articles on the epidemic of suicides in Ireland, many possible reasons were given, but not a single article at least to my knowledge has mentioned any environmental factors.

How could all the mental health specialists forget about the one important change in Irish society in the past 30 years the setting up of many multinational chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the Cork Harbour region, lax environmental laws and lax law enforcement?

Dorothee Krien
Roxelerstr. 26 D-48301

Informant: Sylvie


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