You're not going to believe this: Republican who lost the election still won't admit defeat


Governor Christine Gregoire was sworn in months ago in Washington State--the Republican Secretary of State certified her victory, and she's been governing for over 100 days.

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Her race was close -- that's why, immediately after the election, they conducted an initial machine recount. Then, even though the Washington State Democratic Party had to pay for it (which they did with your help), they conducted a hand recount to make sure that every legal vote was protected and counted.

But guess what -- the Republican who lost the election still won't admit defeat. He's struggling to seize power and stay in the headlines by holding press conferences, running ads and filing junk lawsuits. He has even publicly released lists of people he thinks shouldn't have been allowed to vote and accused others of being convicted felons -- only to find that his lists contained registered, legal voters every time.

The Democratic Party in Washington needs to beat back this assault on their elected governor.

As Governor Dean works with state party chairs across the country to give them the resources they need to build for the future, we can't lose sight of the battles being fought on the ground right now.

As you watch the situation in Washington State unfold, you can't help but see the similarity to what's going on in Washington, D.C. -- when the Republicans don't win they try to change the rules.

Here, Senate Republicans want to change the rules so they can silence Democrats and exercise absolute power. And House Republicans changed the ethics rules to protect their leader, Tom DeLay, whose corruption and influence peddling schemes seem to unravel more every day.

Republican leaders in Congress and their operatives in the states are out of touch and out of control. And with the least popular second-term president ever, their desperate abuses of power will only get more extreme.

We need to stop them in their tracks now so we can get back to the people's business.

Tom McMahon
Executive Director, Democratic National Committee

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