Introduction and EHS-CARE

I somehow got on a list of activists for John Kerry and will add your comments to a packet I will present along with a letter to John Kerry's people soon.

Kerry is regrouping and campaigning hard regarding insurance coverage for children (very important and much-needed project) and needs to know, as do other politicians, that health and insurance problems in the U.S. will continue to spin out-of-control until someone takes responsibility for releasing the EMF Interagency Committee Report to Congress so that announcements and pamphlets emphasizing "prudent avoidance" can be distributed to clinics, hospitals and schools around-the-country. Acknowledgement of the importance of the 2002 EMF California Report should be added to the EMF RAPID findings when Congress evaluates findings re EMF and immune dysfunction, childhood Leukemia, and other health problems cited in the EMF RAPID Conclusions.

PREVENTION in regard to especially night-time EMF/EMR exposures is essential for everyone even tho you and I and others know that such exposures affect children more profoundly than adults. Even effects from poor sleep and resultant headaches and depression can and do place a huge burden on society!!!!

Filters have now been placed in many schools by Dr. Magda Havas/Dave Stetzer and as Dr. Havas reports, "the results are amazing" with improvements in attention, less need for asthma inhalers and even the principal of two schools reporting major improvement in her M.S. symptoms. See http://www.electricalpollution.com

I believe there are funds that were allocated for "informing the public" at the time EMF RAPID was initiated. Those funds should be transferred to the Environmental Protection Agency so information can be released to the public!!! A booklet on EMF's was printed by the Culver Company (the utilities' communications' experts) in 2001 that makes specific suggestions in regard to replacing electric clocks in bedrooms with battery-operated or wind-up clocks. Contact with Culver Company confirms that printing of the booklet was stopped. I received a copy of the booklet from Florida Power & Light a couple of years ago. A Culver Company representative happened to mention that the booklets were also being prepared for distribution to schools. WHY is this not happening???!!!

I have written to various public justice groups and have not even received a response. WHO is going to help the public decide how much of being guinea pigs they are willing to accept? HOW can industry officials, politicans, media officials sleep at night knowing there are children (not to mention the rest of society) suffering when oftentimes just moving electrical appliances/devices away from their beds might greatly improve or eliminate chronic asthma, chronic sinus infections, chronic headaches, ADD, ADHD and many other health problems that do not allow a child to study in school or to interact properly???!!!

One of the greatest mistakes that was made in regard to the $46 million "major rip-off" (EMF RAPID) is not considering the countless health problems that occur before a diagnosis of Leukemia!!!! We are allowing government officials to carry on not informing the public because they are getting away with the lame excuse that the percentages of children who develop Leukemia are small. They state the evidence for Leukemia in adults in the workplace is "weak." Well, there may be truth in those statements BUT the fact "there is evidence," and the fact "no one" can say what a safe level is, combined with the overwhelming costs for the many health problems that occur before Leukemia develops, makes it imperative that immediate action must be taken to inform the public.

Sorry, Deb, you know all of this and have been and still are a "great fighter for-the-cause!!!" Your comments (haven't had a chance to open all the others yet) "opened-a-door" in my mind that will be an important point (involvement of EPA) to John Kerry (and others) as I mentioned above.

In the meantime, I am working very hard on another project with a focus on children and hope to report "good news" soon!!!! Take care - Joanne

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