Sabine and electromagnetic waves

August 25, 2004

With 40 years, the strasbougeoise Sabine Rickel became hypersensitive with the electromagnetic waves and seeks a solution. Placed in the social habitat, this mom of a girl became aware, in spring 2003, of the origin of her medical disorders: "I had lived for two years in Reuss, in Neuhof, in a beautiful three-roomed flat on the last floor which I appreciated much. But I started to hear buzzes and to feel swarmings in the members ". Palpitations cardiac, headaches, turbid of circulation are added to the table. In parallel, "the tele one zappait all alone, the bulbs varied intensity or pétaient, the circuit breakers started to vibrate." A technician notes that the installation is in conformity. Sabine sudden of the medical examinations which do not reveal any disease. It then establishes the link between work (increase in the power?) that it observed on the antenna-relay street Ingold, opposite its building, and which has occurred of its problems of health. Those attenuate, even disappear when she is elsewhere - cinema or carpark, where the level from the portable telephones is weak. To live again normally to explain her electro-sensitivity to the electromagnetic waves, Sabine reconsiders with her medical history: operated face at 17 years, she has metal implants, steel wire and plates, close to the eyes and the mouth: would those make antennas?

A case was revealed by a Swedish specialist, establishing interferences between an osteosynthesis, nervous fabrics and the electromagnetic waves also called radio frequencies. Directed towards the Teaching hospitals of Strasbourg, Sabine is re-operated in November. One withdraws certain metal elements from her, but not all: they are encrusted too much in the bone and their extraction would be risky. When it returns to it, its symptoms, attenuated a little, reappear. To better smell itself, it sleeps in friends but stirs up various public services so that measurements objectify are carried out in her apartment. The services of the operators of mobile telephony just as that specialized in this field at the urban community of Strasbourg make these checks: nothing with saying, the standards of level of electromagnetic fields are with the lower part of the maximum threshold currently authorized. Measurements include the various sources of waves, civil and military, emitted in the district.

Following the visit of an understanding city council man, Sabine obtains in spring a rehousing in another housing of CUS-Habitat, in Hautepierre. But the respite will be short: again, the symptoms reappear. Sabine is insomniac, depressive and feels feelings of heat or cold on the arms and the face. She realized that behind the trees around the buildings, there was remotely variable, other parabolas or antennas relay. Window of a room, appears in hot line the antenna of the powerful relay hertzine of Oberhausbergen. But now that she knows the origin of her disorders, Sabine became a determined woman. She knows that its electrosensibility is not scientifically measurable in France: for that, she should go to Sweden where the scientists are interested in this type of question!

It then multiplies the contacts around the problem of the electromagnetic waves and load a lawyer of its file. To be able "to again live normally", she writes to the mayor of Strasbourg to ask him to get another social housing to her. Because to live in the private sector or in the countryside is excluded, Sabine having small wages. She also asks Fabienne Keller to intervene "with the national and European authorities". So that exceptional cases as her's are taken serious. Wouldn't her request deserve to be heard per hour when has just appeared the "White Paper of the mobile incidences of telephony and of the antennas relay on your santé/Votre GSM, your health, one lies you"? The work signed by 4 French scientists wants to alert the authorities on the existence of banal pathologies (insomnia, migraines...) or more doors (epilepsy, tumours etc.) observed at residents of antenna-relay. Increasingly many are in addition the experts to recommend "an approach of risk management taking as a starting point the the principle by precaution and aiming at reducing to low the possible level the exposure of the public to the radio frequencies (electromagnetic waves) associated mobile telephony". The scandal of asbestos, choked during if longtems, it is already forgotten?

Marie Brassart-Goerg

Les Dernières nouvelles d'Alsace

Informant: Sylvie


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