NO to Big-Oil, and YES to American Energy Independence

"Gas prices hit record highs and are expected to rise" roared a recent Associated Press headline -- and, as predicted, prices have continued to rise with no relief in sight. In "response", President Bush and fellow big-oil Republicans in Congress have played on Americans' frustration at the pump to push their corporate energy bill as the answer. The awful irony here is that -- according to the Department of Energy itself -- the House of Representatives plan would further increase gas prices AND increase America's dependence on imported oil. [1]

Instead of embracing 21st century solutions to address America's modern energy needs, Bush and the House majority have caved -- yet again -- to big-oil lobbyists, and presented us with the failed energy policies of the past. According to the Associated Press, the new House Energy bill pumps $7.5 billion into oil and gas and old energy technologies, compared with a mere $500 million investment in clean and renewable alternatives. [2]

We no longer have to take the corrupting influence of big-oil lying down, because viable new energy solutions exist which every one of us -- and every honest politician -- can stand for! No new energy bill takes effect until both houses of Congress pass it, and the President signs it into law. That's why we must tell the President and Congress today that America can do better than another oil dominated energy policy, and that we want real investments in new energy now!

Tell President Bush and Congress today: "Just say no to big-oil, and yes to American energy independence!"


A generation ago, John F. Kennedy inspired Americans to accomplish what was believed to be an impossible task -- to put a man on the moon in less than a decade. Kennedy's Apollo project sparked a unique brand of American innovation committed to the idea that a strong, prosperous nation can accomplish anything it sets its mind to.

Today's Apollo Project is not to put a man on the moon, but to declare energy independence by the year 2015. It's time to enact a modern-day Apollo Plan that will:

>>Free America from over-reliance on unstable and undemocratic oil regimes through real investments in modern energy-saving technologies.

>>Create millions of new jobs here in America through real investments in the energy industries of the future and strategies to re-tool our communities for high-performance energy efficiency.

>>Protect our natural environment through real investments in pollution-reducing technologies like bio-fuels, energy efficient buildings, solar and wind power, and a new generation of clean power plants.

>>Reduce gas prices by helping Americans reduce oil demand through real investments in hybrid cars, renewable fuels, and efficient mass transportation.

Tell the President and Congress that it's time to stop serving big-oil and stand with the American people by embracing a modern day Apollo plan. Tell them today to "Just say no to big oil, and yes to American energy independence!"


A new Apollo plan is something that progressives can stand FOR -- not just another Republican proposal to rail against. Apollo will break our addiction to oil, protect our natural environment, create millions of good paying jobs and set America free from the influence of despotic oil regimes. It's time for the President and his fellow big-oil Republicans to end their lip-service, and deliver an energy bill that moves America away -- with a giant leap! -- from the failed energy policies of the past to an independent new energy future.

Tell the President and Congress today: "Just say no to big-oil, and yes to American energy independence!"


Thank you for helping make a new Apollo plan a reality today!


Bracken Hendricks, Executive Director
Apollo Alliance


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