Could Cell Phone Radiation Be a Vitamin for Your Brain?

I am more concerned about the Salford "dark neuron" effect resulting in early onset dementia rather than brain tumours. There is a significant increase (I don't have actual figures but some hospitals have been setting up early-onset dementia units to support people in their 40's and 50's) in early onset dementias and two of the (ex) BT heavy users developed early onset dementia in their late 30's. I have also had quite a few sales reps and self-employed business people who use their phone a lot saying that they are having increasing difficulty in remembering things and concentrating.

A vast "ga-ga" population would be a large drain on the world's and health people's resources.

http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/news/news507sal.asp (Feb 2003)

As far as I know this work has yet to be repeated by other researchers which is inexcusable seeing how important the implications are.

Alasdair Philips

Informant: Don Maisch


At first sight both the Swedish and Danish studies are just another of those "No effect" articles the industry and their friends regularly publish as a counterbalance to the independent studies that show that there are biological or health effects. Actually these 2 epidemiological studies show that there is an effect, but no explanation. During the these years whenever an independent scientist published work showing Non-thermal effects or the existence of "windows", they, the industry and their helpers, always denounced it as being incredible, unreliable, never replicated, bad science, or simply ignored it. However these 2 studies show that there are "Windows", almost similar to what e.g. Salford and others found. So how credible are these studies or is it our turn to smile at them now?

On the other hand I do not think that a direct comparison can be made between these epidemiological studies and the previous biological studies mentioned. Those were biological studies and here there can be negative or positive or no effects. Both negative and positive effects, even when apparently insignificant show there is a biological effect and certainly a matter of concern. It is only a matter of intensity and time. Biological effects are certainly a warning for future health hazards. These epidemiological studies cannot give rise to any conclusions or recommendations. However, it suits the industry perfectly, because it gives them another reason to harp on the same string "Scientists cannot agree - there is no proof - more studies are required".

Sianette Kwee

Danish phone study: No need to fear mobiltelephones


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