Request paper ballots from Your U.S.State & County Election Offices

Great New Easy Tool developed by a volunteer programmer at US Count Votes. Please use it and tell your friends.

Please forward this link so everyone you know can use it to easily write their Election offices in support of Paper Ballots.

It is urgent, especially in states and counties which are in the process of selecting voting equipment.

Quickly generate a pre-addressed one page letter to any state or county election official requesting Paper Ballots (Not DREs). (All but three states' ready now.)


Select a State and, if desired, a County, and print a Pre-Addressed Letter. Then simply fill in your name and address using a pen, fold, stamp, and mail.

There is also an option to change the addresses and links to US House and Senate contact info.

Please forward this to voters you know in all states.

Let's flood Election Offices with letters requesting Paper Ballots and Not DREs which could easily miscount votes due to errors, electronic failures, and manipulation, with no way to do an independent recount.

Thank you.

Kathy Dopp

Create Op-scan Paper Ballot Petition

Send a DRE Protest Letter to your Election Officials Now:


As we speak, states and counties all over America are quickly spending their Help America Vote Act Funds to buy new voting equipment prior to 2006.

HAVA will fund only DRE or Op-Scan voting systems. States and Counties will therefore be buying DRE or Op-Scan voting systems.
An Op-Scan system has a paper ballot that is hand- recountable by our own election officials. A DRE voting machine does not.
If we sit by now and allow DREs to be purchased, then:

1. Our elections WILL be corrupted by undetectable and uncorrectable electronic failures, errors, and manipulations.

2. Extra millions of dollars will be thrown away on systems that cost more to maintain, secure, and upgrade. (Instead HAVA funds can be used to develop procedures to secure electronic voter registration rolls, to develop information systems to report detailed election information for auditing election results, and to develop a database of election rules, procedures, and laws to help voters, poll workers, and election officials.)

3. Voters will have longer lines at the polls.

4. Elections will depend on unachievable electronic reliability, consistent power supply, and climate controlled polling locations.

5. Voters will not be able to electronically verify that their ballots will be counted correctly as even the disabled could with some opscan paper ballot voting systems.

Patriots, we must stop states and counties from purchasing DRE voting machines NOW.

Create a letter to your Election official that you can simply print, fill in your name and address, and mail:


Please pass this DRE protest letter on and link to it from your web site, so that every county and state election office in America is flooded with letters requesting Hand-recountable Paper Ballots.

Best Regards,

Kathy Dopp


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