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Mast Sanity is the national organisation representing mast groups and regional campaigns. One such group among the 900 on Mast Sanity's list is Tetrawatch which concentrates its efforts on campaigning to address the continuing efforts being made by the Government, Home Office, O2 Airwave and police forces to introduce Tetra nationwide against the wishes of a large number of residents.

Tetrawatch has invited all protest and campaign group members to express their concerns by e-mail to the Home Office official most responsible for the introduction and support of the Airwave (Tetra) project, in a concerted and concentrated effort so that he and his Departments can be in no doubt that there exists strong feeling among the people of Britain.

Directed mainly towards Sir John Gieve, Permanent Secretary to the Home Office, the planned protest will be evident on the morning of Wednesday 13th April, when large numbers of e-mails will be received by Ministers, MPs and Officials, from protesters.


Among the reasons why Tetra is the subject of this campaign strategem are:

1. Tetra is proving to cause health symptoms to large numbers of uninvolved people.

2. Tetra is not the most cost-effective solution for an effective new police communications system.

3. There are functional deficiencies in the Tetra specification and delivered system.

4. Unlike most mobile phones, Tetra emits damaging electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day with no respite for sufferers, which affects quality of life.

5. No research into the effects of Tetra is being conducted and the system was never tested prior to introduction.

6. Indulgent planning laws and attitudes of the ODPM have been effective in allowing the spread of Tetra despite reasoned opposition.

7. The people who have cause for concern are being ignored and pilloried by authority.

8. The robust opposition of people to the introduction and spread of Tetra has been forced by dis- and misinformation from O2 Airwave, ODPM, Ministers including Hazel Blears, Mireille Levy, Caroline Flint and others, who have used specious arguments provided to them by O2 Airwave and Home Office Civil Servants to deny that the problems being highlighted should be taken seriously.

Contact: John O'Brien 01903 883414
Tetrawatch@aol.com or watch@tetrawatch.net

Advice line: 08704 322 377
Press Office: 01962 864 388


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