The Earth is Dying: World Ruination Is at Hand

Earth Meanders

The Earth is Dying: World Ruination Is at Hand

Ecological Sustainability Matter of Life and Death - Are you Ready?

April 11, 2005

by Dr. Glen Barry, http://earthmeanders.blogspot.com/

The Earth is dying, and most of her species, including humans, are heading towards extinction. Species dying. Biological life arrayed in complex ecological splendor that set the conditions for life is threatened as never before. Forever gone. World ruination is at hand.

So what you may say, everything dies - right? I would argue that the most basic instinct of any species is self-preservation of its kind, and humans are failing in this regard, taking the Earth and all her inhabitants down with their crazed procreation and endless desire for more.

Sizzling climate, mutilated forests, toxic waters, dead oceans - crass, violent, short-sighted and shocking ecological behavior and resultant change. Living as if the Earth has no value is the norm.

The Earth is being slaughtered by surging population and consumption. Threatened. As resource extraction outstrips the natural regenerative powers of natural ecosystems, the basic conditions of life can no longer be assured for much of humanity. Suffering. Soon it will be all of us. Whole species dead.

Just because the Earth's prognosis is full of doom and gloom does not mean it is wrong or should be disregarded. For once put aside the God thing and try to view you and the Earth. Truth can be hard to accept - especially if brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh and other reactionary idiots.

I have hinted in earlier writings about elements of global ecological collapse, which is pending and inevitable given continuation of current trends. But now let us get specific with examples. Our whole way of feeding, housing, transporting and employing ourselves is dependent upon oil.

Peak oil is expected in no less than thirty years. Despite our best intentions, we are running out of cheap energy. In an energy starved, searing and polluted Planet, with inadequate water, unproductive lands and military resource grabs; something must and will give.

First to go will be civilization as we know it. Much of the bloated population is going to be unable to subsist and there will be large-scale movement of ecological refugees; as we see massive panic, looting, starvation, chaos, and pandemics. Would you like some ebola with those tropical timbers?

Now let us examine the ecology of emergent diseases. Bird flu, Ebola, Lyme disease, West Nile and other until recently mostly unknown diseases are indicative of a ravaged, collapsing global ecosystem trying to throw off the human sickness.

Such diseases are a direct manifestation of ecosystem destruction. Entering a previously relatively untouched natural habitat and destroying it releases disease organisms onto landscapes that because of their fragmentation and ecological damage are prone to spread.

To be alive in the 21st century - particularly if one is blessed with an ecological eye - is to suffer. Neurosis, depression, addiction and abuse are endemic and directly caused by distance from nature, shock at the carnage, toxics, over-crowding, etc.

We are electronically connected in unimaginable ways but ultimately are alone and isolated as ever. Does your brain hurt? It should from the savagery that has become modern life.

Our current global trajectory of mass mayhem like universal development of natural ecosystems will continue to lead to intensifying and non-discriminatory suffering and death. Still the college kids party obliviously, when they should be the acolytes of Gaia. Hard to blame them.

The superstitious kooky fascist right including our fearless emperor insist they are for a "culture of life". In practice this appears to mostly be limited to white, faithful, rich business folks. If you are poor, not American - or god forbid another species - you need not apply.

The culture of life is perilously circumspect. Forget about the slaughter of large natural wildernesses behind the curtain, today is the age of Disney's cartoon nature. Patriotism? How about a calling to a higher truth like global interdependence and unity; and the need for equity, justice and sustainability for all?

"Modern" governments and industries, and their leaders, have totally lost track of the fact that we are utterly dependent upon natural ecosystems for our needs. What are we doing to our children's future? Ravaging it.

The global growth machine's ecological violence - leaving a world bereft of potable water, dependable climate and fertile lands - is tantamount to slaughtering our children. Might as well load up school buses and bury them.

The status quo political and business systems careen wildly towards the unknown future of resource scarcity, environmental change and catastrophically collapsing ecosystems and societies. The growth machine controls everything, a few tenths of a point of economic growth are traded for forests daily, and there is a bounty on free green or any other kind of thinkers. The rich think they are immune - they are not.

Just as we speak of individual human death and the extinction of other species, we can speak of the Earth dying. Gaia - the sum of all Earthly ecosystems - can reach a point where it dies. Just as a heart fails, nutrient cycling and climate maintenance within a narrow range can stop. This is happening now.

Are you going to do anything about it and your complicity in the affair?

What are the options? Resist, defy, simplify and disobey. Organize, organize, organize. Seek personal, social and Earth redemption. Become a cog in the new world order stinking growth machine.

My best heartfelt advice - head for the hills! If you do not have land, tools and seed from which to subsist, you are living on the bubble economy of the Earth's rape. What goes up is gonna come down. There is going to be hell to pay when the eco-bubble bursts. Back to the Land. Quick!

Clean your own mind and atone for your sins against others and the Earth. Love and live with a piece of land. Revel at sunrises and sunsets, and other natural passings. Stop to smell, feel and see the Earth. Raise your children to value life - all life, every species, every toad, and every bug. Love it all because cumulatively it makes us able to live. And because it is their Earth too.

Band together with like minded folks into anarchistic green self-sufficient communities - for self defense, a rousing social life and green production. Teach your children to connect deeply with the Earth and her webs, not sanctimonious egoistic exhibitionism.

What is so wrong with growing up to be both a global and bioregional citizen, nurturing parent, lover of the land and part of Earth's creation? Live lightly on the land and watch the sky, Earth and water for guidance. Pray to your gods but do not foist them upon others.

The demise of the environmental movement has been greatly exaggerated. Strength. Our movement is a matter of life and death, and we can not afford to fail. Unity. Despite recent assertions to the contrary, environmentalism is not dead. Greenery. If it is, so are we and our Earthly habitat. Life. A bright green vision is your and the Earth's best bet right now. Truth.

We must will sustainability into being, a new way of living with the Earth, that is sane and logical, while being sacred, gentle and lovely. Know, love, study and worship the Earth - logically, spiritually and scientifically or any other way you know how. As goes the Earth shall go mankind (and women, golden retrievers and other species too).

Networked by Dr. Glen Barry, gbarry@forests.org


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