Positive proof that Kerry won the 2004 election

My own private Vanity Fair: Positive proof that Kerry won the 2004 election!

Friday, April 08, 2005

My friend the election security expert finally finished his article proving conclusively that John Kerry won the November 2004 presidential election. [...] skip over amusing talk about getting it into Vanity Fair till we get to this:

"I am a professor emeritus in mechanical engineering at a major American university. I also taught applied mathematics at Oxford, invented a voting machine, am a nationally-recognized expert on election security and hold over 100 patents.

"In November of 2004, I developed a formula, based on voter registration and voting data, to predict normally-occurring deviation patterns between voter registration and actual tallied votes.

"Based on this formula, the standard pattern of voter deviation is approximately 30. Any deviation beyond this indicates vote rigging. In Liberty County, Florida, in 2004, the deviation was 1062 -- in favor of George Bush.

"By applying my formula to all 2004 Florida election data, I have conclusively proved that John Kerry won the Florida presidential election by at least 312,000 votes. I have written an article to this effect and would like to submit it to Vanity Fair." See the whole article on Jane Stillwater's Web Log: http://jpstillwater.blogspot.com/ Someone is circulating an article about the "Post-Oil Era" which I cannot judge but pass along to those of you who may be able to. The rest of us shut this kind of research out at our peril and must be sure our legislators can understand such issues.

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