Call for Democracy NOT DeLay

House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, is without a doubt the most corrupt leader of the most corrupt Congress in recent memory. His continued corruption - with new charges just announced yesterday! -- not only undermines our democracy, it costs the American people directly.

It costs us at the gas pump when DeLay accepts tens of thousands of dollars from a polluting energy company in exchange for what company officials believed would be "a seat at the table" during Energy Bill negotiations. It costs us through higher drug prices when DeLay strong-arms colleagues to side with big drug companies and HMOs on Medicare legislation.

Your member of Congress has been too silent about DeLay's escalating pattern of ethical misconduct, and it's time for your lawmaker to take a stand. Please take a moment to call your member of Congress today and get their position on DeLay on record with a simple, yet bold question: "Do you believe that Tom DeLay is ethically fit to serve as House Majority Leader?"


After you talk to your Representative's office, please tell us what they said - so that we can announce publicly who stands with DeLay, who stands with democracy and who is ducking - too cowardly to take a stand!


As yesterday's breaking news revealed, Tom "the Hammer" DeLay's ethical transgressions continue to mount. The Washington Post reported that Tom DeLay took a six-day luxury trip to Moscow, paid for by a Russian oil company which funneled money - through lobbyists -- to pay for the trip. [1] On the same day, The New York Times revealed that DeLay's wife and daughter have been paid more than $500,000 in the last four years by his political machine - yet another example of DeLay's arrogance. [2]

It's time for each and every member of Congress to stand up and put an end to DeLay's seemingly endless corruption. At the very least, you deserve a straight answer on where your Representative stands. Call your Representative now and ask them the question that will force their hand on DeLay: "Do you believe that Tom DeLay is ethically fit to serve as House Majority Leader?"


Together, we can make sure that DeLay's dirty deeds are addressed directly by the Congress, and get our Representatives on record: Do they stand with democracy or DeLay?

Thanks for making the call.


Ellen S. Miller, Deputy Director
Campaign for America's Future

P.S. Help us spread the word about Tom DeLay's corruption. Please forward this email to friends and post information about Tom DeLay on your favorite blog!

[1] Smith, R. Jeffrey and James V. Grimaldi. "A 3rd DeLay Trip Under Scrutiny", The Washington Post, April 6, 2005. http://action.ourfuture.org/ctt.asp?u=1742757&l=86784

[2] Shenon, Philip. "Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader", The New York Times, April 6, 2005. http://action.ourfuture.org/ctt.asp?u=1742757&l=86785


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