Making your state safe for GM food

I suspect if you dig a little deeper, you will find an intimate connection between Monsanto and chemtrails.- as close as the agent orange -Vietnam blitz that destroyed both the environment and normal bodies. In this current blitz destruction of soil micoorganisms breaks the chain of decomposing plant/animal matter whereby soluable nutriments return to the soil to be absorbed by plants.

This "sterile"( or near sterile soil) is the condition on the massive agri corp farms which are linked to the fertilizer/insecticide/ chem industry

I suspect there is an all out war on organic farming and perhaps there is a correlation between states with heavy organic crops and massive spraying. I am organic and here in NE Pa we often get the full whiteout treatment yet cant objectively assess California and Florida with their large organic producers, let alone a state by state, or organic section of states, assessment. That would be an interesting study.

It is quite possible or likely that urban centers receive a different recipe - something perhaps to make sure the pharm/ med industries have their own expanding market (which is the essence of capitalism).

As for the "flying fuzzies" I may not be that observant, but I have not seen them in this area- but I have not looked closely at crops. This area is basically a corn market and corn is already been GM'ed.

Further comments/insights along these lines welcomed.

Jerome W


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