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From Jenny. Have been ill over the last few weeks and unable to do anything - even typing hurts. Sorry. My body has gone into total anarchy. All the bones and joints are red hot pokers, I have a permanent nose bleed, migraines, insomnia and not surprisingly, depression. Think I’ll put a paper bag over my head and pretend I’m not here. I had a letter from George Young, and have only just managed the following reply:

“….. I read the Hansard Report on the Stunell Bill, and it’s clear it was not Mr Stunell who talked the Bill out. Fortunately it will be heard again on the 22nd April. I appreciate that in your view the situation remains the same. Nevertheless, it is still the opinion of mast campaigners that it is essential to be present on the day to show support. On a related matter, I note that 157 MP’s signed up to Mr Hesford’s Early Day Motion which states:

“That this House notes with considerable concern that communities up and down the UK are becoming bombarded with mobile phone mast applications, often repeatedly so: further notes that the 10 point guidance by the industry to regulate and regularise such applications is more honoured in the breach than the observance; further notes that it is now almost five years since the Stewart Report dealt with health-related issues and, because concerns are increasing and scientific understanding has moved on and the output of such masts have increased, calls upon the Government urgently to look again at planning guidance in relation to mast applications and to recall The Stewart Committee in order that health aspects of mast applications can be reassessed.”

Among those who signed were other Hampshire MP’s, including Andrew Hunter, Michael Mates and Mark Oaten, so there was deep disappointment that you had chosen not to support it. Not unexpectedly, failing to attend both the Spring and Stunell Bills, or sign up to Mr Hesford’s EDM, gives rise to serious doubts as to your ‘wholehearted’ support of these measures. I wonder if you could clarify your position, particularly on health and the need for safer planning guidelines, as this is obviously of major concern to voters in the run up to the election.

Similar Telecom Bills will continue to be put before Parliament until people get meaningful health and safety protection. The present policies, including planning guidelines, are a farce and offer little or no protection, despite the false assurances from the Government and the Industry. Because the Operators ‘influence’ politicians from all parties, they have virtually unlimited power. Unless MP’s fight on behalf of their constituents, they will be seen to be part of a Government / Industry Alliance which puts big business above the democratic rights of the people, and worse, puts the next generation at risk. I have great sympathy for Sir William Stewart, who appears to have no support from the government for his sensible recommendations, particularly regarding children. Our strong hope is that local MP’s will force the implementation of the precautionary measures he suggests. It may be a cliché, but it’s true nonetheless, words are cheap – only actions count.

The lies, misinformation, illegal actions and appalling ethics of the Telecom Industry have no place in a decent society. But their time is running out. With the huge increase in the mast roll-out, more and more communities are finding themselves in the ‘firing line’. Fortunately Mast Sanity provides all the information they need, and that information has spread fast and far. What politicians and Operators are dealing with now, is an unstoppable tide of anger and mistrust from a newly empowered and informed electorate. A very dangerous animal!

If you wish I can give you details of the independent international research that Sir William Stewart alludes to in his latest report. A subject of such national importance must surely be essential reading for MP’s.

You know my position on this, Sir George, and I make no apology. This issue cannot be buried. It doesn’t matter how much money is involved or how powerful the organisations are, the fact is the British public are being deliberately and criminally put at risk for profit. Politicians either acquiesce in this scandal or they oppose it. It is a matter of conscience. Yours etc....

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