Tetra Forum - Gillingham (2nd part)

From Vivienne Baron.

Here is the 2nd part of the notes (taken in shorthand). Very bitty, as headache and arthritis had hit in!!

Mike Clarke took the stage and talked about the Sieslo Inquiry - power risks and mentioned that Friends of the Earth "did not question our expertise in that area." He said "we are zapped by our doctors and dentists by x-rays". He also said that many houses in the south west had high doses of radiation.

The Health Protection Agency dealt with chemical, biological and radiological issues. He chortled on that power lines were an issue. He said, "the Stewart report is regarded as a model" and pointed out the anomalies. He was asked about the DRAPER REPORT by Amanda, but we did not get a satisfactory answer from him.

John O' Brien stated that 18 billion pounds goes back to the government in revenue from 02 Airwave. (I am asking John to circulate notes on his talk)

Roger Coghill. He listed reports:-

Lai and Singhs - pulsed microwaves appear to be causing damage. Lymphosites - without these we cannot protect ourselves from diseases, cancer, etc.

1992 Jan Wallacek - unpaired electron........

Keith McLaughlin
Jolante in Poland
2005 Jaijte confirmed the effect.

Melatonin fights cancer.

Cherry uly 1997 p. 119

Experiments are being done with melatonin in Surrey University. Then he mentioned "discontinuance of use afterwards" 1990.

Chris Maile:

Para 16 Schedule 2 lands tribunal for compensation. Para 17 Masts removed.

(Below is more information from Chris, - but all of this was not brought out at the Forum)

Childrens Act

Whilst this could be used, it would be more useful to point to the provisions in the Communication Act and the Regulations, which are more targetted at phone masts than the Childrens Act (horses for courses)

Principle Duty of Ofcom (S3 of the Act)

The Principle Duty of OFCOM in carrying out their functions to "Further the interests of citizens in relation to communications matters" (s3(1)). OFCOM MUST have regard to:- "the vulnerability of children and of others whose circumstances appear to OFCOM to put them in need of special protection" s3(4)(h)). The real nail biter of the Act is Section 132 which gives the Secretary of State the power to order OFCOM to suspend or restrict the service of Electronic Communications in order "to protect the public from any threat to public safety or public health."

Power to preserve court papers and to obtain compensation. Barry Trower referred to some foreign country that allows compensation and Chris pointed out that we have a process in the UK thanks to Asbestos cases that allows a claim to be submitted today where there is reasonable grounds to suppose that a person may at some future date become ill. This enables the protection of all the papers and even preliminary compensation Part 41 of the Civil Procedure Rules. (There is a chain of causation between injury and illness.)


Code 16 of the Electronic Communication Code allows for compensation to be sought from the operators for injurious affection.

Court Cases

The Court of Appeal has not prevented health being taken into account - quite the reverse. They have, as a consequence of Harrogate, set out that in exceptional cases health is relevant and must be taken into account, thus if an LPA fail to look at health concerns they will have failed to consider whether there is a significant effect and therefore acted unlawfully

Fiona said - Aarhus Convention. Participation in decision making - UK law in June of this year. DEFRA is involved. There is a window of opportunity to make our views felt.

Article 10a. In terms of decision making a citizen is entitled to not only procedural, but substantive judicial review. Alan Meyer said "the employer must supply a safe system of work."

Roger Coghill said 3G wavelength - a persons head may act as an aerial and absorb these wavelengths. Within 100m and 300m radius, there is a doubling of childhood leukaemia. Roger has papers on this. The socio-economic development versus the environment. There will be a financial loss somewhere along the line. Resource economics. If you do that, then the folowing circumstances will occur and the following losses will occur. The loss of the value in your property - put that information together as well as the scientific. This is what we LOSE - add in the dosh. One should use the notion of accountability. Conflicts of interest. Professor Crawley - professional scientists (didn't get the rest of this...sorry)

l. Scientists viewed with suspicion
2. Government Scientists viewed with more suspicion
3. NGO Scientists are more respected.

WE NEED WATCHGUARDS. An average rice worker in the paddy fields is more protected than any one in this room.

There are three things to note.
l. LITIGATION. People should get together to do that.
2. Lack of perceived credibility of NRPB
3. Precautionary Principle is not acknowledged.

The Chairman of the Dorset Police Federation spoke of his concerns for the health of his members - using the TETRA system. Police men and women were very worried.

Mike Clarke said that Barry Trower had not been commissioned by the Police Federation to write his report, and there was some disagreement about the word "commissioned". However the Chairman of the Dorset Police Federation backed Barry Trower.


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