AIDS and the Man: Electromagnetism and the Immune System


This is a "plenty-to-consider," excellent, long article I just happened to come across today, 4-5-05.

"NO DISEASE was identified in my two grandsons -- a reference only to "hypogammaglobuilinemia" which means "low immune." There are many "rare and unusual immune problems WITH NAMES......!!!!!

The webpage does not give any contact information or the name of the author, etc., but the "access info" indicates the writer is/was most likely Roger Coghill -- http://www.cogreslab.co.uk/aids.htm The article also does not contain a date.

There is a paragraph re "immune under corticol control" -- I made a note to review, so it may be "conjecture rather than fact" although I have very little doubt (our family facts plus guinea pig facts, etc. plus other journal articles, etc.) of the "corticol connection" to all of the health problems related to EMF/EMR and the chronic inflammation that results.

Interestingly, this article also mentions "......guinea pigs....normal blood after two months....." The reference has to do with removing the guinea pigs from EMR exposure/testing. [I wonder whether that statement refers to a UK study or the work referred to by Becker/Marino in their book, "The Body Electric," with a chapter titled "Blood". The statement is consistent with lab reports on my guinea pigs....boys were not tested for 5 mos. however, overall IgG's had gone up by 100 points and 204 points by that time after moving beds away from electric meters. Addl comment in brackets by jcm 4-5-05.]

Also, another paragraph in part, "......demagnitizing or degaussing the blood......the symptoms should disappear......." [Symptoms did begin to disappear in grandsons as well as guinea pigs after moving away from electric meter but questions remain as to whether "harm" is/was caused by multi-directional electromagnetic fields, electric fields or RF/high frequency radiation or a combination thereof ??? Addl comment by jcm 4-5-05.]

Another paragraph, ".....EMF acts as a promoter rather than a neoplastic event." [My research supports that radiation, whether ionizing or nonionizing, stresses the body (human or animal) which in turn leads to chronic inflammation that causes the proliferation of cells -- the beginning of the precancerous process. This is consistent with EMF's acting as a promoter. We were told by immunologist the boys may develop Leukemia/Lymphoma, etc., not that they had cancer "yet." Comment in brackets by jcm 4-5-05].

One theory mentioned is that ".....microwave radiation.....myeloid leukemia....effects on granulocytes........[other EMR exposure I don't recall at moment mentions something like "effects on lymphocytes leading to acute lymphocytic leukemia" (or words to that effect) -- comments in brackets are recall of review of the Coghill article by jcm 4-5-05].

I have not had time to review in detail or in entirety.

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I can confirm that Roger Coghill is the author of this article. Jennifer Chapman of cogres.lab told me.



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