What we're not being told about the dangers of electro-magnetic radiation


The latest issue of What Doctors Don't Tell You (April 2005, vol 16 no 1) has made a disturbing discovery that we thought you should know about immediately.

A US government agency with the grand title of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement has produced a report on the dangers of electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) and concluded that they posed ' . . a risk factor with significant societal consequences by reason of its pervasive nature and serious consequences for affected individuals.' The report also went on to recommend that the maximum permitted personal EMF exposure level be reduced by a factor of 500 - from 100 microteslas down to just 0.2.

It may not surprise you to learn that this report was never made public - and may well have remained that way if it were not for the latest exposé by What Doctors Don't Tell You which amasses all the latest scientific research on the hazards of EMF pollution - alerting you to the dangers so that you can take positive action to start eliminating them from your life.

It makes essential reading and if you want to get hold of the full report, then you'll be glad to hear that you can get this report plus other publications and services FREE when you subscribe. Click this link for more information http://www.wddty.co.uk/shop/details.asp?product=330

Officially, electrohypersensitivity (ES) is a problem that doesn't exist, but researchers from Sweden's prestigious Karolinska Institute estimate that as much as 3 per cent of the population suffer extreme adverse reactions to EMFs. Symptoms range from headaches and a flu-like feeling to chronic fatigue and depression, and yet mainstream medicine dismisses electro-sensitive people as hypochondriacs.

For decades it has been an open secret that workers exposed to continual electro-magnetic radiation - for example, electronics technicians, TV and radio assemblers, welders and train drivers - run a significantly higher risk of brain tumours and leukaemia - in some cases, as much as three times the risk.

But it's not just workers in the electronics and electrical industries who are at risk. Just six month ago, a team from Oxford University concluded that children living within 100 metres of overhead power lines had almost twice the risk of developing leukaemia.

So with this in mind, here's a quick intelligence test for all our readers:

Question: If EMF exposure at 0.2 microteslas roughly doubles childhood leukaemia cases and if 0.35 microteslas trebles this risk as research indicates, what level has the UK government adopted as an acceptable level for public exposure?

Answer: Congratulations to all those who guessed 100 microteslas. (It seems that the US government didn't want to tell the UK government either)

Incredibly, we are all being exposed to 500 times more than the safe limit of exposure, most of which happens in our own homes pumped out by everyday domestic electrical items, such as wireless broadband, computers, washing machines, TVs, bedside clocks and mobile phones.

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