KERRY was planning to concede from the beginning


For all those that were afraid to climb out of the box. All those that went running like scared rabbits. What you managed to do was insure the elites conquest of a one Global Government. Orchestrated by none other than the NWO team. Kerry had planned to concede the
election from the get go....

Now if all those that felt they should vote for a third party, that got cold feet, wilted under the pressure of their own ignorance, that cast a vote for the TWO PARTY ONE PARTY candidates, which even a six year could have seen through their guise, and probably would have made sounder decissions than those of you that recinded, and cast their vote for the business as usual scammers. There will be no change for the better.

There was on the average of 2,950,000 votes that went to waste. That is only 5% of the votes. However that 5% would have been a swing factor in this election.

"Bush pledges to change Social Security". Yes ladies and gentlemen there will be serious changes where the Social Security SLUSH FUND is concerned. However it will not be for the betterment of the people. You literally signed the death warrants for a great many people, not only in this nation, but the world as a whole.

Another thing that the people of this nation will see is a NSCT, NVAT, VAT, NST, and the many other acronyms that they are trying disguise a national sales tax under. You think that you are taxed now...you haven't seen anything yet.

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