Pity the Fools

Yes, a national strike! A strike on news media whores! A strike on all stores that don't offer American made products! A strike on all corporations that outsource! Boycotts and strikes! Well, here is another link listing the voting problems:


And here's Anthony Wade's latest and I find, his greatest blog so far:


We're listening to Air America Radio tonight as we can't stomach the major news, even the cable news outlets. Please spare us the smiles! Dennis and I both cried off and on today..... and Kerry's caving in so soon was one of the contributing factors as well. Even though Edwards said "every vote will be counted," the early cave-in sort of pulled the rug out from under all of us who have worked so hard. Couldn't watch or listen to Bush and Cheney today... how hollow... how fake.l.. the fear-mongering will continue.

Just can't trust the outcome. "Welcome to hell ! " -- Mike Malloy from Air America Radio!

You know, the steamroller has begun it's smashing and dashing of our Constitution and our hopes and dreams. Must find a way to protect my sons.... get them out of the country. Maybe the neocons will get impeached and put behind bars in a couple of years due to voter fraud, Halliburton ties and/or 9/11.

Heartbroken and afraid for America.... L.

Informant: Laurel


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