Machine politics

11/3/2004 12:31:07 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: Ddrasin

Machine politics?

The US presidential election of 2004 is over. The people (or at least
some of them) have voted. From the reports in the media, it is now clear that George Walker Bush has apparently won the election. I say ˜apparently" because polls from our top demographic experts and exit polls recorded yesterday reported precisely the opposite outcome. John Zogby, considered to be the ˜gold standard" of presidential polling, predicted that John Kerry and John Edwards would win with over 300 electoral votes. Following Zogby's prediction to the letter, the preponderance of the exit polling stated that John Kerry would carry all of the major battleground states: Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Oregon.

These exit polls were interpreted as further confirmation of Zogby's final predictions.

At this point (noon on the third of November), nobody has raised the spectre of criminality, a criminal conspiracy to inflate votes for Bush and deflate tallies for Kerry via hacking the computerized voting machines. However, it is, indeed, suspicious to note that the scale of Bush's vote far exceeded the best of the pre-election polling. This raises other questions about the superficial inflation of his vote totals via covert criminal operations.

Two days ago, Greg Palast published his report that over one million votes for Kerry-Edwards had been sabotaged through criminal skulduggery. According to Palast, registered voters were being denied the right to vote, and absentee ballots had gone missing in the key battleground states of Florida and Ohio.

In Ohio, the situation is even more dubious. It now seems that the assurances made by Walter O' Dell to some of Bushs top supporters are both haunting and troubling. Suspicions are now running rampant that Mr. O'Dell, who is the president of Diebold which manufactures paperless touchscreen voting machines, may be involved in a conspiracy to defraud the people of Ohio and America.

Last year, Mr. O' Dell promised some top-ranking Bush supporters that he would work to deliver the electoral votes in Ohio to Bush. Coming as it did from the president of a paperless touchscreen voting machine company with proprietary software, Mr. O' Dell' s ill-considered pledge may now seem more like a promise than a prediction. With Mr. O'Dells machines in use in so many states, why did he mention only Ohio and not other states. Was there some hidden meaning in his ill-conceived letter? Perhaps, we shall never know.

Leading experts have published academic papers about the problems inherent in these machines. Many who have studied them in detail regard them to be a serious threat to democracy. A professional study at Johns Hopkins deduced that the Diebold machines were not to be trusted simply because tampering with them is little more than child's play.

There are simply too many coincidences at play heree. The dubious situation of the pre-election polls which had been so consistently accurate in previous years now going haywire all of a sudden, and the exit polls taken on election day "which have almost always accurately predicted the outcomes of presidential elections“ taken into context with Mr. O'Dell's reckless pre-election pledge and the strange situations in both Florida and Ohio where these machines were used prolifically causes serious suspicions to arise over the integrity of the presidential vote in 2004.

It is worth remembering that in 2002, Senator Max Cleland, one of John Kerry's staunchest supporters, was unseated under highly suspicious circumstances involving missing memory cards from paperless, voting machines.

This election is riddled with a plethora of suspicious circumstances. There should be no rush to judgment about the integrity of this vote, even though it might please the president with the radio transmitter fitted to his back.

Michael Carmichael
Chairman / The Planetary Movement Limited
64 Kingston Road
Oxford OX2 6RJ
The United Kingdom
Telephone +44 1865 553195
Email mc@cosvam.com

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