Myeleoproliferative Disorder : Guinea Pigs lived three Years post Electric Meter Wall


Roy: This is maddening enough to cause a person to take their computer and throw it off a bridge!!!!! Now we can't "even quote???" An easy way not to have to take care of myself for whatever time left on earth -- a jail sentence???

"Sound and established evidence," as you know, can easily be obtained BUT, such an accomplishment is purposely being avoided!!!!

I know enough scientific information exists here in the U.S. as well as Britain to allow for replication of "established blood results" - - the "exact tests" that are used to check X-ray workers re chronic, prolonged exposure to low dose ionizing radiation.

Britain has and still does use guinea pigs for various experiments. Only two guinea pigs need to be used for each study. Two separate rounds of CBC's (complete blood counts with differentials) should be done before placing the animals on tiny little blankets (to "control" sleeping spot to allow for recording milligauss readings).

The animals must be fed standard guinea pig pellets, generous amounts of Timothy hay and two salads a day consisting of romaine, parsley, green pepper, carrots and apple. The salads are needed to maintain Vitamin C levels since guinea pigs, like humans, do not synthesize their Vitamin C. They also need a good supply of fresh water.

Guinea pigs, like humans, produce cortisol rather than corticortoids as in the case of rodents. They are also "radiosensitive." This and other information can be found by typing "guinea pig biology" on the search bar.

Assuming the first two rounds of CBC's are normal, the cage should be placed near an electric meter so that the magnetic field is between 4.0 mg and 6.0 mg when measuring "the sleeping spot." Placing a portion of a baby's receiving blanket or 1/2 of an infant's diaper in the part of the cage designated "sleeping spot" will guarantee consistent exposure. Guinea pigs love to cuddle........

When one or both animals begin to make a choking-type sound, a stethescope should be used to check for breathing problems. Rales will most likely be heard, indicating "asthma."

At this time, blood for the CBC's should be drawn. The results will indicate changes consistent with "a myeleoproliferative disorder." The changes will most likely include many "hypersegmented neutrophils" (slowed DNA synthesis). At this time, blood results may also indicate severe neutropenia and lymphocytosis. If not, the animals should be placed back in the cage and moved a little farther from the source to milligauss readings between 2.0 mg and 4.0 mg. Follow-up CBC's can be made a week later to check for worsening white cell counts; however, if the cage isn't moved away from the electric meter and/or appliance such as an electric clock, one or both may die before 30 days.

Blood results indicating severe neutropenia and lymphocytosis are "pre-Leukemic blood changes." At the least, the animals will have "a myeleoproliferative disorder." This alone can be a precursor of Lymphoma/Leukemia, etc.

Reactive amyloidosis may also occur if the animal is removed from close proximity to electric meter and/or electric clock radio and manages to survive a year or more in "ambient milligauss readings between 2.5 mg and 4.0 mg." In other words, the animals won't be as likely to die when removed from close proximity to the electric meter and/or appliance; however, if maintained in a room where there are measurable milligauss readings in the range between 2.5 mg and 4.0 mg, the animals will "improve" but then later will develop serious problems such as amyloidosis or myeloma, etc.

Caution: Even tho such studies are essential in order to produce evidence that will help save children (and others) from myeleoproliferative disorders, Leukemia, amyloidosis (which accounts for problems such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and diabetes, etc. -- many health problems), it is still very hard on the researcher to find the little animal dead in the cage and this may occur even if the cage is moved away from the electric meter and/or outlet soon after asthma is observed. The animal, tho, will appear to be "very healthy" due to extraordinary care and will have been "very happy" while being treated so well!!!

We are sadly on our way to the vet in about an hour and will most likely need to have our remaining guinea pig, Lucy, put down. She can no longer use her back legs. She has now lived three years post "electric meter wall." Her CBC's had returned to normal when checked several months ago. We will drive her to the University for necropsy and I will once again write "EMR exposure/"powerwall" (electric meter) 4.0 mg to 6.0 mg for 2-1/2 weeks. Cage moved to basement where milligauss readings averaged between 3.5 mg and 4.5 mg for last three years..........

I will cry........Bud will quickly wipe his cheek every now and then.......and we will go to sleep tonight knowing that "no one" is really going to do anything at all that will warn families they need to "be cautious" and to move electrical objects away from close proximity to beds, as well as other methods to reduce EMR exposures such as filter/capacitor use (now yielding great results in homes and schools ).

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