Omega-News Collection 18. October 2004

IAFF Firefighters RF Health Study

Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic

Cell Phone Recycling Mandatory

Churches Installing Cell Phone Jammers

FDA Approves Use of Chip in Patients

Spychips off the Orwellian block

Xerox workers to strike over satellite tracking plan

Netherlands to catalogue its population under 'citizen service number' scheme

New generator could power non-lethal microwave weapon

We will never be silenced again

Contamination caused with depleted uranium will last for 4.5 billion years

Groundbreaking News on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses

Gulf War Veterans Sickened by Chemicals

Indian Farmers Force Monsanto to Withdraw Wheat Patent In Europe

Touring speakers raise GMO concerns

Antarctic glaciers melting faster than being replaced

Europe closes ranks on bioengineered food

Major timber harvest blocked

Privacy watchdog condemns US Visit

Pressure points

Ecuador Seen Losing Glaciers to Global Warming

Global study finds one-third of amphibians face extinction

Florida Selection 2000

Block The Vote

Stop Shredding Voter Forms

November 2nd - Vote Your Values - Vote for the forests

Filling The Swamp

Voter Registration Scandal in Oregon and Nevada Spreads to Arizona

Federal judge rules Ohio voters may cast provisional ballots

Flipping out over Patriot Act

George W. Bush and the Mandate of Heaven

Superhero of the Military-Industrial Complex

The Masterminds of Torture, Humiliation and Abuse

The American Global Inquisition

On the ruling ideology of hate

Bush's Faith-Based Presidency

One Million Workers on the March


If you have problems on Election Day

2.2+ million US prisoners under Bush

The Choice 2004

Billions Vanish in Iraq

Scientists Say Gulf War Syndrome Does Exist

Secret papers warned Blair war on Iraq was 'illegal'

Ex-CIA officer blasts premise for Iraq war

Global Agreements Threaten Media

Under attack as never before

Up to 28 G.I.'s Could Face Afghan Abuse Charges

Operation Truth: Gut-level understanding of the human cost of the Iraq War

Injured Iraq Vets Come Home to Poverty

Iraq: How Do We Get Out?

Bush plans pension raid to stay afloat

Scientists ask Bush to end anti-science policies

ASCII stands against eviction

Transhumanism at the Crossroads


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