THIS real terrorist threat is IGNORED...WHY?

What you are about to read and hear below will be stunning, in light of The Bush Administration's claim that they are fighting terrorism.

If the Republicans wanted to impeach Clinton because of lies and cover ups about a sexual escapade, then impeaching Bush and bringing charges to those in his Administration who are accountable for the security of our country would be the least they could expect, based on the disclosures you are about to learn.

Pictured below, is not "just a submarine" but a very special submarine. Two are already constructed and the third is in the process of being built. What you will learn here is: Which countries and "group" are behind this effort, what are their capabilities and what are their intended missions, which could be considered the biggest threat to our national security - ABOVE ALL OTHERS!

The inescapable question one is left with, after going over the information below, is: "Why did the Bush Administration spent funds, resources and manpower (including lives) invading Iraq when there was a graver threat to go after instead? Further, where has our press been with regards to this issue?

Below, are links and audio clip excerpts of an interview that took place on the Coast to Coast radio show with Art Bell and Howard Bloom on August 21, 2004.

Howard Bloom: //www.howardbloom.net/

Informant: Jack Topel


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