Policy Let US Hold Detainees in Secret, Military Officers Say


Der Osten Deutschlands als "Versuchslabor für soziale Demontage"

Interview mit Reinhard Schult, dem ehemaligen Vertreter des Neuen Forums...


Goodbye Bill of Rights


Informant: civl ecco

Why care for the planet when the End Times are almost here?


Cheney, Halliburton and Iraq


The Secret Government


Securing The Empire


Letters from U.S. casualties

In their own words: Letters from U.S. casualties

Writings from U.S. troops who have died in Iraq:

Microwave food

The hidden hazards of microwave food

Microwave Oven Radiations Hazards & Standards


MICROWAVE DANGERS: How unseen frequencies can harm your health

Radiation Ovens: The Proven Dangers of Microwaves

The Hidden Hazards Of Microwave Cooking

Microwave oven info

Radiation Ovens : The Proven Dangers of Microwaves


Microwave oven info

Gigaherz.ch: 37. Rundbrief


Erste statistische Ergebnisse aus dem grossen Freilandversuch mit lebenden Menschen


Fields of Influence - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"

Nach Freiburger Appell jetzt Bamberger Appell


Jeder hat ein Handy, keiner will Mobilfunk

Jeder will ein Handy, keiner eine Antenne

Mobilfunk "Ja", Antenne "Nein" ?

Ja zum Handy – Nein zu den Sendemasten?

"Die Interessenten liefern Grenzwerte"

Handys und der Strahlungswahnsinn


Bush Was AWOL

Report Shows Bush Was AWOL

Fighting for Democratic Rights


Needed: a global strategy to reduce, not increase, terror



Votes Against Equality

Vikram David Amar and Akhil Reed Amar

Wednesday 10:20 AM

Rooted in racism and misogyny, the Electoral College continues to discriminate against America's voters by making some votes count more than others. If America is to try to reclaim the mantle of being a the leading democracy, Vikram and Akhil Amar say we need to abandon the college and finally accept "one person, one vote."


Bush's Game Of Risk

Harold Meyerson

Wednesday, September 8, 2004, 10:22 AM

Once, the hallmark of a conservative was aversion to risk. Bush has turned that notion on its ear when it comes to the family economics. For Bush, increased opportunity means increased risk, which means decreased security. Whether it is health insurance, social security or tax cuts, Bush has consistently jacked up the financial risk facing America's families while fulfilling Grover Norquist's dream of reducing the federal government to a size that he can drown in a bathtub...



From: SSRI-Research

Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 15:33:29 -0000

Subject: [SSRI-Research] PLEASE SIGN - PETITION to stop mandatory screening for "mental illness" in the U.S.

Texans for Safe Education in Conjunction with Ablechild have Launched a Petition Drive in Response to the President's "New Freedom Commission" and Its Recommendations to "Screen" all U.S. Citizens for "Mental Illness."

Recently President Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFC) has initiated what we call a government sponsored "intrusion" program that would mandate all U.S. Citizens (to include every man, woman and child) to be "screened" for "mental illness."

To Read More on this Initiative and the Direct Threat on Our Privacy
and Health Click Here:


We Strongly Urge You to Say NO to Mandatory Mental Health Screenings and Sign this Petition!

Thank You for taking a stand for freedom!

Texans for Safe Education

Informant: DitziSis


We, the undersigned, solemnly declare that we will not allow our children to be the subjects of any form of implementation of New Freedom Commission recommendations to screen our children for signs of "mental illness."

We are aware that the New Freedom Commission report states that "Schools are in a key position to identify mental health problems early, and to provide a link to appropriate services." We know that many of the New Freedom commissioners are linked directly or indirectly to the Texas Medical Algorithm Project (TMAP), which provides formulas recommending specific psychotropic drugs to treat various "mental illnesses." According to whistleblower reports, TMAP pushes an off-label drug marketing scheme that appears to skirt federal law. We know, therefore, that this commission's recommendations are intended to encourage an expansion of the fact that "appropriate services" in today's psychiatric world means psychotropic drugs, and that there are already an estimated 9-million school-age children on psychiatric drugs. We consider this to represent a tragic situation, and a clear and present danger to our children.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - September 10th, 2004

Working Your Way Down

The reality is that unless President Bush pulls nearly one million jobs out of a hat in the next four months, he will indeed become the first president since Herbert Hoover to preside over a decline in employment in a single term in the White House...


US recovery 'not helping workers'

While business is improving, average wages have fallen, job satisfaction has declined and the rich-poor gap widened, says a report by the US think tank...


From Information Clearing House

Boots of Death and Words of Outrage

While George Bush and the Republican Party ignore our war dead, a group of antiwar veterans and grieving parents remember and wonder: why are Americans not speaking out?


From Information Clearing House

A plan to implement martial law by November 1st


Informant: Larry Lawson

Mental-health screening of children

From: "The Liberty Committee" <kentsnyder@thelibertycommittee.org>

Subject: Mental-health screening of children


September 7, 2004

The American tradition of parents deciding what is best for their children is, yet again, under attack. The pharmaceutical industry has convinced President Bush to support mandatory mental-health screening for every child in America, including preschool children, and the industry is now working to convince Congress as well. But mandatory screening alone is not what the pharmaceutical industry wants. The real payoff for the drug companies is the forced drugging of children that will result -- as we learned tragically with Ritalin -- even when parents refuse.

Congressman Ron Paul, an OB/GYN physician for over 30 years, is desperately trying to keep the drug companies, politicians and federal bureaucrats from becoming parents to your children. Dr. Paul will introduce on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning (whenever the floor schedule allows) an amendment to the Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations Act for FY 2005 that will withhold funds for this new federal mental-health-screening program. He will urge his congressional colleagues to support his effort in a letter to be distributed tomorrow morning.

Dr. Paul's letter says in part: "As you know, psychotropic drugs are increasingly prescribed for children who show nothing more than children's typical rambunctious behavior. Many children have suffered harmful effects from these drugs. Yet some parents have even been charged with child abuse for refusing to drug their children. The federal government should not promote national mental health screening programs that will force the use of these psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin."

If you think this action alert is about something that "can't happen here," think again. In 1995, the state of Texas launched the Texas Medication Algorithm Project. (WorldNetDaily.com, June 21, 2004)

The state of Illinois has also approved a mental health screening program. The Illinois legislature passed the Children's Mental Health Act of 2003 which will provide screening for "all children ages 0-18" and "ensure appropriate and culturally relevant assessment of your children's social and emotional development with the use of standardized tools." In addition, all pregnant women in Illinois are to be screened for depression.

Dr. Karen R. Effrem, another physician and leading opponent of mandatory screening recently stated, "Universal mental health screening and the drugging of children, as recommended by the New Freedom Commission [presidential commission], needs to be stopped so that many thousands if not millions of children will be saved from receiving stigmatizing diagnoses that would follow them for the rest of their lives. America's school children should not be medicated by expensive, ineffective, and dangerous medications based on vague and dubious diagnoses."

Dr. Effrem warns of the following:

1. Parental rights are unclear or non-existent under these screening

2. Parents are already being coerced to put their children on psychiatric medications and some children are dying because of it.

3. Mental health screening does not prevent suicide.

4. Mental health diagnoses are "subjective" and "social constructions" as admitted by the authors of the diagnostic manuals themselves.

5. Most psychiatric medications do not work in children.

6. The side effects of these medications in children are severe.

7. The untoward influence by the pharmaceutical industry, or at least the impropriety, is abundantly clear in two important aspects of this issue.

8. Merging screening with the academic standards required by No Child Left Behind, as is happening in Illinois, will lead to diagnosis for political reasons. School mental health and violence prevention programs funded by NCLB and government counterterrorism operations are already using such criteria as "homophobia" and "defenders of the US Constitution against federal government and the UN" to label school children and US citizens as mentally unstable and violent.

Texas first...Illinois second...and the rest of America to follow if we aren't successful within the next 24 to 36 hours. We'll be calling on House members' offices tomorrow asking for votes in favor of Dr. Paul's amendment to stop this forced, federal mental-health screening.

Join concerned citizens from Eagle Forum, Gun Owners of America, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Concerned Women of America, Freedom 21, the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology to get Dr. Paul's amendment passed.

One last note...if mental-health screening for every American child isn't bad enough, how about mandatory mental-health screening for every American adult? Yes, that's coming too. The final report of the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health states, "Both children and adults will be screened for mental illnesses during their routine physical exams."

Please help. Urge your U.S. representative to support the Paul amendment and ask family and friends to do the same. To send your message, go to

After you've sent your message, forward to your family and friends the following page: //www.thelibertycommittee.org/update09.07.04.htm

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee

Details of Dr. Effrem's Points:

"Bush to screen population for mental illness" by WorldNetDaily.com

Informant: Kathy

IL Children's Mental Health Plan gives legislators headache

In case you are not familiar with this issue and what is at stake, please view the short ABC News video clip to learn of just one tragic outcome of what happened to a 12 year old girl.

Be sure to access the video from this online link:

Bush To Impose Psychiatric Drug Regime

..."The TMAP medication guidelines were established in 1995 as an "expert consensus" based on the opinions of prescribers, rather than an analysis of scientific studies. The pharmaceutical companies who funded the scheme include Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Novartis, Janssen-Ortho-McNeil, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott, Bristol Myers Squibb, Wyeth-Ayerst and Forrest Laboratories.

The drugs recommended as "first line treatment", many of them with potentially deadly side effects, are patented expensive drugs produced by the sponsors of the guidelines: Risperdal, Zyprexa, Seroqual, Geodone, Depakote, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, Wellbutron, Zyban, Remeron, Serzone, Effexor, Buspar, Adderall and Prozac...."

"TMAP was extended to cover children, again by "expert consensus", and no doubt the Bush program for widespread testing in schools all over the US will find hundreds of thousands if not millions of new "customers" for the dangerous psychiatric drugs the scheme promotes."


Most importantly, FORWARD THIS PETITION to others on your list and ask them to do the same.

In gratitude,

Jack Topel

Omega see also:

Bush Flip-Flop on Roadless Forest Rule Triggers Storm of Protest


Smirking Chimp Headlines

The GOP doesn't own Jesus

We have been abandoning the field for too long to the so-called religious right, which arrogantly claims that no one can oppose its partisan agendas and be faithful to God...


Deciphering Terrorism


The Pentagon's New Map

It Explains Why We're Going To War And Why We Will Keep Going To War...


From Information Clearing House

Voter ID Problems in Florida

Published: September 7, 2004


Forum: Join a Discussion on Today's Editorials


Here is no excuse for turning away eligible voters at the polls, but that is what apparently happened in Florida's primary elections last week. Under Florida law, registered voters can vote without showing identification. But election officials at some polling places misstated the law and tried to keep eligible voters from voting. In one county, the official sample ballot got the law wrong. Officials in Florida, and nationwide, must improve their poll workers' training and written materials to ensure that this does not happen in the November election.

Florida's voter-identification law is inartfully written. It says photo identification is required at the polls, but it goes on to give voters without such identification an alternative: signing affidavits swearing to their identities. By that reasoning, Florida voters who show up without identification should be told that they can vote as long as they fill out affidavits. But that did not always happen last week.

In Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, poll watchers from People for the American Way saw voters being turned away after being told about half the law - the photo-identification requirement - but not the other half, the affidavit option. In some cases, said Elliot Mincberg, legal director of People for the American Way, poll workers insisted on identification even when they were shown voting-rights leaflets citing the state election law. Some people may never have cast ballots because they were not informed that they had the option to file affidavits.

The misstatement of the law goes beyond a few bad poll workers. Osceola County's sample ballot, mailed out before last week's election, said "Photo and Signature ID Required at Polls," and it did not tell voters they could in fact vote without identification. Secretary of State Glenda Hood, who should be on the voters' side, instead backs this misleading summary of the law. Osceola County's statement is fine, says Jenny Nash, a spokeswoman for Ms. Hood. She said the affidavit option in the law was merely a "courtesy to the voter."

The misapplication of voter-identification laws is not limited to Florida. In South Dakota, Native Americans without identification were turned away in June, even though the law allowed them to vote by signing affidavits.

This fall, flaws in the enforcement of voter-identification requirements could disenfranchise a large number of voters. Many people do not have photo identification, particularly the elderly, poor people and nondrivers. Others may not have such identification with them when they vote.

Someone who has waited in line for an hour or two, as could be the case in this fall's election, may not have the time or inclination to go home to get identification.

In the weeks leading up to Nov. 2, we will hear many times that all Americans should exercise their right to vote. Election officials have an obligation to do everything they can to ensure that when citizens show up, misapplied voter-identication rules do not prevent them from casting a ballot.

Informant: ambit

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GOP Convention's Looney Tunes


A Mythic Reality


Beyond The Roots Of Abu Ghraib


Terror Case Collapse Blow to Bush


Forest Service set to auction off energy leases




Voters of faith

by Paul Kengor

The American Spectator


Did George W. Bush believe God called on him to invade Iraq? Did he become a 'Christian' simply to appeal to the religious right? Was he born with two small horns protruding from his skull? That's a sampling of the kind of questions I hear daily. What I rarely hear are questions about John F. Kerry's faith, which should be as much of an issue as Bush's faith...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mobilfunkstreit - Verhandlung gegen Vodafone

Schwalbacher Mobilfunkstreit - Verhandlung gegen Vodafone am 16. September

Hallo zusammen,

anbei Pressemitteilung zum Gerichtstermin am 16.9.

Bitte nach Veröffentlichung mit Leserbriefen darauf reagieren, um noch mehr Öffentlichkeit herzustellen.

Ich bitte jeden, dem es möglich ist zu diesem Termin zu kommen, damit vor Gericht öffentliches Interesse gezeigt wird. Bitte Bescheid geben !

Auf unserer Homepage habe ich auch einen Link gesetzt, um sich per Routenplaner der Bahn den Anfahrtsweg mit Bahn, Auto oder Fahrrad anzeigen zu lassen.

Rundfunk und Fernsehen werde ich morgen ebenfalls informieren, ich hoffe, dass sie aufspringen.

Herzlichen Gruß

Klaus Böckner, Sprecher der Initiative Schwalbach – Keine Mobilfunkanlagen in Wohngebieten

Pressemitteilung per Mail oder Fax an die Presse des MTK mit der Bitte um Veröffentlichung

Schwalbacher Mobilfunkstreit - Verhandlung gegen Vodafone am 16. September

Neue Studienergebnisse untermauern Klageschrift

Im Streit um die Mobilfunksendeanlage auf dem Glockenturm der Kirchengemeinde St. Pankratius in Schwalbach wird am 16. September um 10.00 Uhr die erste von drei Unterlassungsklagen vor dem Landgericht Frankfurt verhandelt.

Die Sendeanlage wurde im März 2002, am Donnerstag vor Ostern, von außen mit einem Kranwagen installiert. Viele Bürger im Umkreis waren überrascht worden und noch am Osterwochenende gründete sich die „Initiative Schwalbach – Keine Mobilfunkanlagen in Wohngebieten“.

Die Klageschrift wurde letztes Jahr von 3 Schwalbacher Bürgern eingereicht, nachdem alle anderweitigen Anstrengungen, die Inbetriebnahme der Sendeanlage zu unterbinden, gescheitert waren. Weder die Kirchengemeinde St. Pankratius noch der Betreiber Vodafone war zu konstruktiven Gesprächen bereit, um den Standort der Anlage zu überdenken und diesen außerorts zu verlegen.

Vertreten werden die Kläger durch den bereits aus anderen Verfahren bekannten Rechtsanwalt Jürgen Ronimi aus Oberursel. Er konnte in einem Verfahren in Oberursel-Bommersheim im September 2000 per einstweiliger Verfügung eine Unterlassung des Sendebetriebes erreichen, was jedoch im Herbst 2000 durch das Oberlandesgericht wieder aufgehoben wurde.

In der umfangreichen Klageschrift wird auf über 70 Seiten ausgeführt, dass der Sendebetrieb wegen gesundheitlichen Beeinträchtigungen und Gefahren nicht aufrecht erhalten werden darf. Dies wird vor allem durch die fehlerhafte Festlegung der bestehenden Grenzwerte begründet, die lediglich thermische Wirkungen (Erwärmung) auf den Menschen berücksichtigt und keine Vorsorgewerte beinhaltet. Bei den nichtthermischen Wirkungen konnte selbst der von dem Mobilfunkbetreiber in dem Bommersheimer Verfahren ernannte Sachverständige Prof. Dr. Silny eine Gesundheitsgefährdung nicht ausschließen.

Zu den möglichen Schädigungen zählen unter anderem Steigerung der Krebsgefährdung, Erbgutveränderungen, Reduktion der Immunreaktion, verminderte Melatoninproduktion sowie viele leichtere Reaktionen wie Kopfschmerzen, Herzrhythmusstörungen, Gedächtnisverlust, Psychosen und Sterilität.

Eine besondere Brisanz ergibt sich aus den Anfang 2004 vorveröffentlichten Studienergebnissen aus der von der EU geförderten REFLEX-Studie, an der sich 12 Forschergruppen aus 7 europäischen Ländern beteiligt haben. Ziel der Studie war es herauszufinden, ob auf zellulärer oder molekularer Ebene überhaupt die Voraussetzungen gegeben sind, auf die sich die Annahmen eines Gesundheitsrisikos stützen, um sich dann nach Feststellung endgültig weitere Kosten für die Erforschung gesundheitsschädlicher Wirkungen sparen zu können.

Das Ergebnis war dann anders. Es wurde der Nachweis erbracht, dass

„... RF-EMF unterhalb der geltenden Sicherheitsgrenzen fähig sind, in bestimmten, aber keineswegs allen lebenden Zellen DNA-Strangbrüche zu erzeugen und die Anzahl der Micronuclei und der Chromosomenaberrationen zu erhöhen.“,

was soviel bedeutet, dass eine Gesundheitsgefährdung anzunehmen ist. Weiter wird ausgeführt

„... So lange die Erkenntnislage unzulänglich bleibt, sprechen die REFLEX-Daten dafür, dass das Vorsorgeprinzip zum Schutze der Bevölkerung von den Entscheidungsträgern in Industrie und Politik anerkannt werden sollte.“

Die offizielle Veröffentlichung der REFLEX-Studie steht noch aus, obwohl diese planmäßig schon längst erfolgen müssen.

Aus diesem Nachweis kann sich eine Wende in dem anstehenden Verfahren ergeben, die weitreichende Konsequenzen auf alle bereits laufenden und neu zu installierenden Sendeanlagen hat und somit von bundesweiter Bedeutung ist.

Das öffentliche Verfahren kann verfolgt werden am Donnerstag, 16.09.2004, um 10:00 Uhr im Justizgebäude Gerichtsstr. 2 in Frankfurt, Raum 333, Gebäude B.

Weitere Informationen zur REFLEX-Studie im Internet unter //www.initiative-schwalbach.de unter „Aktuelle Informationen“.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Pollution triggers bizarre behaviour in animals


Informant: Anna Webb

The next war on drugs?

Pharming: The next war on drugs?

Shopping for rice could soon include scanning the label for drugs. Welcome to pharming, the new genetic engineering science that turns corn, rice and even animals into drug-delivery devices.


Environment May Be Linked to Rising Leukemia


Rising animal experiments prompts anger


Extreme Weather Will Kill Millions

Scientist: Extreme Weather Will Kill Millions

Omega-News Collection 8. September 2004

Mast victory

Waterbury police getting tasers

Black box in your car could tattle to your insurer

Yellowstone Park transcript of radio talk show regarding the potential for a super eruption

Grizzly bears still not safe

To Whom it May Concern

Loss and Loathing on the Cheney Trail


Crossing the Rubicon

High Uranium Levels Found in Troops and Civilians

Problems Abound in Election System

First They Came for the Protesters

Torture in the Redwoods

Bush's National Guard file missing records

Incorporated United States Government and It's Jurisdiction over artificial entities

Civil war most likely Iraq outcome

Civilian Causalities in Iraq

Five Big American Blunders in Terror War

The Unwinnable War

The GOP hijacks 9/11

Proof of 9/11 Cover-Up

An easy path for terrorists


The show is over

Government and the fear factor

All the President's Spin

'Four more years' could mean ...


Re-enter the matrix

Little rest for those weary of Republican bitterness

The Bush crusade

A threat to democracy

Video on "the words" of Bush

Presidential Credibilty

Ticking Bomb

W.Va. Reserve leader denounces Iraq war

Restoring balance through repeal

The Wal-Martization of America

The ownership society

Stealing home

A No-Labor Day

The Next Shock: Not Oil, but Debt

The day of the lemming

GOP rally sets new arrest record

How to Watch the Watchers

What rights are we willing to forego?

Survey of the Bill of Rights

Reject the National ID Card


Hearsay convictions at Guantanamo

'Too many women in custody'

Leading Russian journalist 'poisoned'



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