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In watching the Republican National Convention these past few days, I've realized, more clearly than ever, why the right wing's days are numbered. The show on the stage doesn't match the reality behind the curtain.

They know their actual policies are not popular, so their rhetoric is remarkably divorced from reality. They talk "opportunity," but practice tax cuts for the few and pay cuts for the many. They parade "compassion," even while our country suffers a record increase in poverty. They invoke "security" even as their catastrophic war of choice in Iraq has made America less safe.

You've probably had similar thoughts. And, like me, I bet you'd like to cut through the misleading rhetoric and help tell what's really happening in America today. You'd also probably like to see a convincing case laid out against the right wing on all of the issues that Americans care most about. Well, that's exactly why we've created Straight Talk:


Straight Talk is a rhetoric-busting issue guide. It cuts through the rhetoric of the right, lays out a progressive alternative, and provides tips on how to argue the case. It's also interactive -- a living document that you can help shape. Please come to contribute your own facts, stories and insights and help build a resource that will arm activists and politicians to challenge the right:


Tonight, President Bush, will accept his party's nomination -- and the gulf between rhetoric and reality will yawn greater than ever. So today -- and in the days and months ahead -- I encourage you to visit Straight Talk and tell the story of what's really happening in George Bush's America.

Americans are looking for change. Progressive ideas are strong and popular, and over the past months we've built new energy and sophistication in the movement to take back America. Together, we will transform this country.

The right wing knows the only way it can survive is to hide its agenda and its record from the American people. That's why this country needs some Straight Talk -- to expose the failure of the right, and show that there is a better alternative. Join us in building our case, and mastering the arguments and ideas needed to move this country into a new era of progressive reform.


Thank you,

Robert L. Borosage, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future


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