Harassment on Fox TV

Sun, 22 Aug 2004 19:42:10 -0500

Sueann Campbell is an anti gang stalking and electronic harassment activist from the Austin, Texas area:

There has been a big fight going on in Austin over free speech and the new plan proposed by the board of directors of the local public access TV channel (ACTV). Basically, the board of this first in the nation public access cable channel wants to first stop the free speech shows from airing, and finally shut it down altogether.

Patriot broadcaster Alex Jones is one of the free speech shows, who is partly responsible for this small station's having ratings higher than public television in Austin.

It started last month with several meetings with the city counsel, ACTV board, and producers. Producers and public fans filled the rooms each time. In addition, two counsel members are being recalled for their votes on toll roads. (a scandalous 8 roads that are already paid for by the taxpayer) The public feels that the purpose of these toll booths is to impede traffic flow and rob people of what little money they have left. (Austin lags behind Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio in job opportunity.)

Often I am involved in these activities, if nothing else, just to tape the meeting and turn over the tape to Alex Jones and other ACTV producers. This provides opportunity to wear the anti gang stalking Tee shirt and this often starts some kind of dialogue.

Today, I stopped by the gun show. Friends who have tables there appreciate a little help when packing up their tables. Naturally, I wore my gang stalking t-shirt. A lady stopped by the table and started asking questions. I gave her a flyer and we continued to talk.

"Yeah." she said. "They harass the victim in such a way that it makes the victim look crazy."

"How did you know?" I asked. "Are you being harassed?"

"No." she replied. "I saw it on TV."

"You're kidding!" I said. "What channel?"

"It was on the Fox channel." she said.

"Who would dare air this story?" I asked.

"Bill O'Rilley." she said.

"When did you see this on Bill O'Rilley?"

"Earlier this year." she said

"Did you tape the show?" I asked.

"No, but it was on just a couple of months ago."

Does anyone out there watch Bill O'Rilley? Did anyone tape this show?
The lady says our story is there! (Or at least part of it.)


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