The Collapse of the US Empire and How to Survive

November/December 2004

Next issue: due date October 10

The Collapse of the US Empire and How to Survive and Thrive.

Imagine what would happen if this bubble/terrarium called the US economy begins to burst at the edges... not necessarily in a doomesday scenario but in more practical methods. What would we do? A crash course in sustainable living might be on par. Learnig how our local FEMA would respond. Learning what our city officials are prepared for, i.e., banks closing, supermarket shelves are empty, etc.

It may even feel like the Y2K days. That time could have been a time to learn to prepare but overall it did nothing. And as Matthew Simmons, a major consultant for energy corporations via the World Bank and the IMF said in the film “The End of Suburbia,” the black out of Toronto taught us nothing. It could have but it didn’t. Also, we will be featuring the new book by Richard Heinberg called Power Down: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World. What jobs/livelihoods would we start doing? Is the local economy thriving; how would you run your computer? What can we start doing now to prepare for such an inevitability? Even if nothing happened, wouldn’t it still be cool to live friendly on the earth and learn sustainable ways that have been existent for thousands of years before the age of modernity? Must we always have a crisis before we act?

Send in your rants, essays, poems, reviews, solutions, neighborhood survival strategies, etc.
Due October 10th

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