Kerry, Bush both members of elite Yale secret society

Skull and Bones Selection Farce Update

The Bush-Kerry Ticket

America - Andrew Stephen reveals a spooky secret society

What do Boy George and John Kerry have in common? What keeps Bill Clinton close to the richest Republicans? All are members of secret societies practising astonishing rituals. It does not augur well for this country, I fear, that both George W Bush and John Kerry are members of the same tiny, highly secretive club. The Skull and Bones society of Yale University each year recruits 15 undergraduates who are in their senior year - and members retain a lifelong loyalty to their fellows, helping smooth each other's way through the networks of privileged America. They revel in the mystique around the club, especially in the initiation rite that has recruits recounting their sexual history while lying in a coffin.

I thought of all this nonsense a few days ago, at a Washington lunch. Two of the men there told me, separately and furtively, that they had just returned from "Bohemian Grove" - yet another secret little gathering that meets for 16 days every summer among the redwood trees of northern California. The vast majority of Americans do not even know that such a secret society exists, though every

Republican president since Calvin Coolidge has been a member. The combined wealth of the 2,500 or so members, I am told, is roughly $100bn; its membership is all-male, nearly all-white, and mostly Republican.


Kerry, Bush both members of elite Yale secret society

In a stone tomb that has slits for windows, President Bush and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry took oaths that are bound by traditions almost as old as the United States itself. Both men were members of Skull and Bones, a secret society, when they were seniors at Yale University in the 1960s. The group's activities are swathed in secrecy, leading to wild rumors that its members are grave robbers, murderers and thieves. A more plausible story is that Bonesmen, as its members are called, rule the world.

Besides this year's election, which would be the first between two Bonesmen, two other presidents have been members: William Howard Taft and George H.W. Bush. The club's alumni have also included numerous members of Congress, media leaders, Wall Street financiers, the scions of wealthy families and agents in the CIA.

"There's a general theory that Skull and Bones runs the world. It doesn't, but there is the undeniable fact that you've got Bush and Kerry and other prominent people," said Yale historian Gaddis Smith.


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