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A gradual sophistication of technologies stipulates an increasing consumption of energy in different forms. Since the beginning of human history, mining is inextricably linked to a progress and wellbeing of civilization. It is commonly suggested that influence of mining and mineral wastes on environment can substantially be reduced by implementation of comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation processes themselves requiring the additional input of energy.

Is mining and mineral wastes environmental impact a definitely well-known nothing – to – discover –more issue?

To what extent might uncertainties of complex recovery processes be integrated in?

Is international concern over the locally performed traditional mining activities grounded?

Assembled, seemingly unrelated features of the up-to-date knowledge of natural processes eventually present a comprehensive picture of an environmental integrity affected by human activities.


The seasons’ changes, continental drift, planet movement are mutually linked natural processes. Consisting of materials of different density with mountains up to 8848m (Everest) and ocean depths down to 11033m (Challenger Deep), Earth cannot be present as a simple homogenous sphere equipped by the forces working in accordance with Pascal Decree which supposes a similar distribution of powers in different directions. It is in fact a solid equipped with special apices and edges, corners and squares where the existing strengths affect both the surface and deep layers of it differently along different directions.

A continental drift is a matter of fact constituting the existing relative physical stability of a contemporary world. Any continent has relatively stable structure being formed ages ago (Endersbee, 2002). In Australia, sedimentary water basins underline about 66% of continent, and the majority of them are in the Great Australian Basin, which underlines an area of some 1.7 million sq.km, where the average depth of the 25000 bores is about 500m (Hambermehl, 1980). A piece of a moving crust, this continent is likely to a float being filled with the inertial inclusion – water instead of air. From the mechanical point of view, a similar structure exists in an Aral Sea-Karakum region of Central Asia, where the hydrocarbon wealth lies beneath. This desert area seems to act as a buffer between seismic zone of the Himalayas and recently stable flat countries of Middle Russia and Northern-West Siberia. Given the attention to similar patterns constituting natural structures, wouldn’t huge deposits of oil and gas eventually be exploited beneath Southern Ocean near the Northern – East shore of Antarctica and beneath Antarctica itself?

As soon as distribution of the soil / water volumes has been changed (for instance, mining activities stipulate relocation and degradation of soil and increase in the evaporation processes affecting the infiltration of ocean dense salt water into the mainland), the drift of the unique island of Australia would have been modified. If a drift of a rest of the world is not being adjusted in accordance with these changes (during the recorded human history the natural self-regulation processes are synchronous but not simultaneous to events initiated with), a planet’s movement would possibly have been altered, precession would have been mutated and the climate depending heavily on precession would have been changed drastically.

Certainly, from a mechanical viewpoint the Green Continent is the sensible fulcrum of the Earth on which activity may surely initiate an unpredictable disharmony on the planet.


Electromagnetic field covers a planet and affects all processes occurring on the Earth. The gravity and attraction are the particular types of conversion of a wave stream into mechanical strengths having different capacity and effect in different parts of a planet (Fairall, 1994).

All elements either absorb or emit energy, which was proved by M.Planck and N.Bohr. A.Einstein explained these processes with a photon theory, which is a basis of photography.

Atmosphere and soil constitute the electromagnetic system being usually balanced, in other words, terrestrial magnetism is a stable natural pattern sustained by relatively constant levels of radiation. Magnetic abilities of metals are known from ages. It is that only over 20th century people have developed approaches and techniques permitting a systematic search for deposits that cannot be seen from the surface. These new tools provide a remarkable amount of information about rocks: about weight, chemical compositions-a whole series of characteristics. These characteristics can be translated into information on the probability of existence of useable material beneath any part of the earth’s surface. Technology has added a third dimension to exploration and thereby has greatly increased chances of discovering the unknown.

With high degree of probability, extensity of various mining activities affects the surrounding:

- The acceleration of young generation had begun in the early fiftieth-a period of broad establishing the mains of uranium, molybdenum and other rare trace metals

- Data from Antarctica has been the subject of much comment and offers undisputed evidence that chlorine compounds realized by the dissociation of chlorofluorocarbon molecules (aerosols, fire-fighting) are affecting the Earth’s protective ozone layer. As this enormous area of degradation has been situated above Antarctica (frankly, above both of Magnetic Poles), far away from inhabited places of the world (US Congress, Senate, 1989), it appears to be a catalyst to an original natural process rather than a cause of degradation.

Apparently, the changes in the protective electromagnetic field may occur because of modification that happened to the electric changes on the surface (Malan, 1972). These modifications may occur because of the changes in capacity /activity of nuclear reactions in the core and alterations of the waves these reactions provide a planet with. As a possible cause of alteration, the transfiguration of screens (which is strata) on the way the waves could reach / be dispersed off the surface has been seen.

The worked / transferred, frankly speaking, destroyed and modified layers as well as transcendent continental drift satisfy the above mentioned assumption

- The growth of such diseases as cancer and AIDS (The Sydney Morning Herald, 1992) dealt with genes’ mutation is certainly the reaction of organic patterns (geo/bio magnetic stimulation) on the changes of a planetary magnetic field. These changes stimulated by replacement and redistribution of mineral disposals-natural magnets used to have been among the factors configuring this field. The role and effect of mineral disposals on the natural processes seem being comparable with the impact of moles on a human body

- Some commonly existing in particular areas of the world diseases are never known or seldom occurring in other places (Lazaroff, 2002) because the natural forces affect differently in different areas of the planet. It is synonymous to a undisputed fact: the some quantities of the same goods have different weigh on the equator and near the Northern Pole.

So, some areas where particular types of diseases could more effectively be treated or generally be fought off with no medicine at all would eventually be discovered

- Lactose intolerance varies between inhabitants of different continents. It is clear, that inside a particular nation changes occur as a very result of migration to different parts of the world having been characterized with even slightly different magnetic – radiation levels. Although many chemicals, natural and synthetic, are mutagenic, variation in acceptance of lactose between particular groups of population residing in different regions of same country definitely reflects magnetic / radiation aspects.

Thus, a "lactose not-persistence in Finnish families" (Enattan et al, 2002) results a mere bio-reaction on a magnetic alterations in a Northern Pole area (Song et al, 1996).

Manipulating the undulatory parameters of materials can interfere with natural wave processes consciously: the more emissions initiated - the less intact patterns left. Following up these newly acquired abilities, engineering solutions deploying planetary gravity and nuclear reactions, establishing radiation clean-up processes are next in line.

The recent knowledge questions the survival of human beings during trans-universe expeditions. With emphasis on time, space and nuclear processes, a level of radiation vital for a human existence should at last have been estimated. Beyond comprehension, a number of biological transformations and biochemical characteristics was since the dawn of human history recorded. Practically accounted, it would eventually contribute to new forms of the space travelling. As fantastic today as the Internet not so long ago, trans-galactic expeditions constituted by high energy – artificially-constructed-genes’ (Pearsall et al, 2002) systems could in the future reach unthinkably remote regions of the universe. There their transformations into bio-mechanical discovery units could occur (Cameron, 2002). Operating a speed of light, those space-discovery projects would be executed in terms comparable with a term of a human life.

Thus, stability of planetary electro-magnetic characteristics substantiating navigation of future trans-galactic expeditions is to be of an imperative importance.


As time goes on broadening knowledge of a nature, the understanding of industrial activities and their impact on human civilization have been changed dramatically (Kerjman, 1995).

Viewed from the proper perspective of time, the most of planet catastrophes are gradual, caused only by simple terrestrial causes. The existing model of atomic/molecular structure was established and developed in environment characterized with a particular terrestrial electromagnetic field. The global changes in the electromagnetic properties would really cause the end of a contemporary civilization.

While mining affects local environment by various ways, an impact at a planetary scale is less certain. If it does, it will serve to further market’s ability to sustain development globally. The question remains what the costs are which industry is willing to incur to obtain it.


I thank my parents for all a life to present. 1994-2004


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