Feds Abuse Patriot Act in Non-Terrorism Investigations

The USA Patriot ACT must be repealed

The first answer and poorly designed response to the september 11tth 2001 attacks was the USA Patriot ACT. The USA patriot ACT attempts to preserve our way of life by removing many of the very freedoms and rights that make our country worth living in. You can not save America if you ignore fundimental American ideas and values. We must not allow our elected law makers to sacrifice our freedoms in the name of "safety"! We really can not be safe if they continue to erode on our personal rights. The FBI is already abusing the new powers they have been granted under this new law. Many parts of Patriot ACT remove checks on law enforcement and are a grave threat to the very rights that we have under the United States Constitution and it's Ammendments (The Bill of Rights). For example, without a warrant and without probable cause, the FBI now has the power to access your most private medical records, your library records, and your student records. They can conceal the fact it was done and prevent anyone from telling you it was done. This is wrong.

We *ARE* the government ans should have access to this information. People that have commited no crimes are having thier property searched and seized. The FBI does this and does not press any charges in many cases. Untill charges are pressed the citizens who have had this happen have no legal re-course to re-gain their property or clear their name. Their isnt "due" process for somebody that isnt charged.

"In the urgent push to pass the Patriot Act, she says, "never... did the FBI say we needed additional tools to keep this nation safe from strip-club operators.""

This link is where the above quote is from:

I was under the mistaken impression that the patriot act was designed to combat terrorism, not common criminals. Aparently the FBI sees fit to use it to bypass due process. Even if the people were or were not guilty of what they were charged with, this was not a case of terrorism and they did have their civil rights violated.

What is to stop the FBI from doing the same thing to you purely on suspicion?

I have received many responses from people under the mistaken impression that they wont be accussed of anything via the patriot act because they have done nothing wrong and they believe their past to be clear.

Wrong! Only those that have something that can be mis-understood have something to fear. ALL of us have at least one association, past action or affiliation with somebody or something that somebody in the government may dis-approve of. When officials go on a hunt into peoples personal lives they tend to find trouble where their is none. History proves that people don't just use laws and rules like the patriot act for the public good. Have you forgotten Senator McCarthy? Have you forgoten the Salem witch trials?

Wake up People! If all you want to do is go through the motions of living without freedom all in the name of "Safety" why are you in the United States! There are many places in the world that employ "USA Patriot ACT" style laws. They are not free republics. People in these countiries are at the complete mercy of whoever is holding the power of their governments. You have a say here, don't let scared fools change that for you!



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