Feds Abuse Patriot Act in Non-Terrorism Investigations

Even before the Patriot Act, and even before 9-11-01, our rights were under attack. The so-called 'war on drugs' has made all the safe guards on searchs, null and void. If you get pulled over by any Police Officer for any traffic offence or other, and he asks to search your car/truck, and you say no. The standard actions are: 1) "You got something to hide?" 2) We'll wait on the drug dog.

I won't consent to any search. And too many people shed their life's blood for me to give up 'any' of my rights.

I don't recall who said it, or the exact quotation. But..."When people give up their freedoms for security, they lose both."

John Beaulieu wrote:

" In the urgent push to pass the Patriot Act, she says, "never... did the FBI say we needed additional tools to keep this nation safe from strip-club operators."


I was under the mistaken impression that the patriot act was designed to combat terrorism, not common criminals. Aparently the FBI sees fit to use it to bypass due process. Even if the people were or were not guilty of what they were charged with, this was not a case of terrorism and they did have their civil rights violated. What is to stop the FBI from doing the same thing to you purely on suspicion?


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