Danish bus accident

Danish bus accident with 63 children (16-20 years old) on board in Germany near Euskirchen on the 18th of July returning from Spain. Two are death.

Could have been prevented!

Quite awake and no one else to blame – nevertheless the busdriver lost control over his bus. For those of us who have informed themselves about the danger of the so beloved product of the mobile industry, the cellphones, automatically the question arose, how many of the young people on the bus had their cellphones switched on, were just making a phone call or sending a SMS. For example, in hospitals and on airplanes it is forbidden to have cellphones switched on because of possible failure of any technical equipment. Not too long ago, investigation revealed that a call with a cellphone on the plane caused the crash of Robert Kennedy’s airplane. The pulsating microwaves, however, are not only causing technical breakdowns, but are also disturbing the information to be received or sent by our brain leading, for example, to the receipt of false informations, delayed reactions or just brief blackouts. Many readers may now have doubts because the warnings by international scientists are in contradiction with official statments and interests.

In this accident only two children died – but not considering this fact it will lead to many more accidents.

Marianne Kirst


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