Pizza and Your Privacy

Here at the ACLU we aren't renowned for our sense of humor, but I think you'll appreciate this hilarious depiction of a pizza order gone terribly wrong. Click here to see what we mean:

There are some ACLU staffers who don’t think messing with their late-night pizza orders is a laughing matter, but one thing we all take seriously is our work to stop the steady erosion of your right to privacy.

The fact is that new technologies and new government policies are eroding our personal privacy and creating a 24-hour total surveillance society.

You and I must take action if we want to stop this massive erosion of our personal privacy.

Chances are, you don’t think twice about the electronic trail you leave with each credit card purchase. But you should know that under provisions of the USA Patriot Act, government agents now have the power to access those records without your knowledge. Astonishingly, if he deemed it necessary, Attorney General Ashcroft could get authorization from a secret court to place wiretaps on your phones without probable cause. He can demand records of your reading habits from bookstores and libraries; he can even make and keep a copy of the key to your house.

You and I must take action if we want to stop this massive erosion of our personal privacy. Educating others about what is at stake is the first step and starts by each of us talking to our friends and family about the facts. That's why I'm asking you to do two things:

1. View the video. When you are done, share it with your friends:

2. Send an e-mail to your member of Congress and demand that privacy violating programs are de-funded:

We can't win without your support and activism. Thank you for being a part of the ACLU.

Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director


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