Corporate Takeover of the "Organic" Food Market

Some have said they welcome major corporate investment in the natural food market, as vindication of the value of natural foods. We should be concerned, however, that control of the natural foods industry by fewer companies will result in multinational corporate control of organic acreage and marketing, forcing out smaller regional/family suppliers, reducing competition, leading to weakened organic standards (sewage sludge, irradiation, GMOs).



The Organic Foods Movement—Led by Heinz Corporation or We, the

The Time to Choose is Now!



Independent Organic Brands: "To the best of my knowledge, these examples are not owned by a parent company traded on stock market."



Shopping is Voting…..Cartoon:



'Organic' Outcry Heeded. The Bush Administration withdraws changes allowing more pesticides: The Bush administration abruptly reversed itself Wednesday and withdrew four changes in organic food standards that critics had said threatened to undermine public trust in the word "organic."




June 30, 2004: The biomass fuels industry is exploding in the wake of war in Iraq, a country touting the second largest oil reserve on the planet. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has initiated a slowing of oil production and the Pentagon warns us about the eminent dangers of global warming and greenhouse gasses. Fuel prices continue to rise while fuel consumption steadily increases.


The Next Big Thing...Move aside, tree huggers. More and more hardheaded entrepreneurs are tapping into the growing green market.

It's 2040, and America's corporate titans have convened for a conference boondoggle to compare net worth and catch up on the latest gossip. A mellow Bill Gates presides over it all with the kindly mien of an elderly uncle. But tech is not the star of the show. No, that guy chugging a brew was one of the first entrepreneurs to invest in fuel cells, the very ones that are used in every American car and that now constitute a multibillion-dollar industry. The lanky woman dancing on the deck, which is made of recycled plastic bags, is a much-feared solar baron. The burly guy with the bulging biceps? He's made a fortune in real estate, building environmentally certified houses and condominiums. And the rude guest sniffing the food runs a chain of organic supermarkets that has Wal-Mart seriously concerned. The big economic winners of the past few decades, it turns out, have been those who decided that green is good--and a good way to get rich.

http://ecomall.com/greenshopping/1reportfortune.htm (not an


"Please Pass the Salt".....Streaming Video



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