Just Three Days Until Whale Vote

Urgent Appeal!

Right now, more than 30 years of whale protection is at stake.

You’ve probably never heard of Tuvalu.

With 11,500 people and a total size of 26 square kilometers, it seems unlikely this tiny island in the South Pacific could decide the future fate of whales.

Urgent: Please send your letter today – IWC voting begins on 19 July!

But if something isn’t done right now
to convince Tuvalu to vote against Japan’s pro-whaling measures at next week’s International Whaling Commission (IWC), thousands of endangered whales will continue to be mercilessly slaughtered. And it will only be the beginning.

For the past several years, Japan has openly targeted small, developing countries such as Tuvalu to join the IWC and vote pro-whaling in exchange for financial assistance and fisheries aid. Japan may actually buy its way into a pro-whaling IWC majority next week. And if it does, it means certain disaster for whales.

Japan is killing protected whales, selling illegal whale meat and buying votes. They must be stopped.

Our sources indicate the IWC vote this year is expected to be a dead heat. Don’t let illicit vote buying and greed decide the future of whales for our children. This isn’t just about whales. It’s about fighting for the right of smaller nations to make informed choices without being bullied.

Send a fax
to the Tuvalu Prime Minister letting him know that the world supports countries that value both animals and people. Let’s convince him that doing the right thing (whale watching and conservation) can be both moral and profitable.

If enough concerned citizens act now before the vote, we can turn the small country of Tuvalu into one of the biggest voices in the world.

Click here to fax the Prime Minister now:

For the Whales,

Fred O’Regan
IFAW President and CEO

P.S. Most whales are killed with harpoons designed to explode inside them, taking anywhere from two minutes to over an hour for each whale to die. Please help us ensure this cruel practice ends forever. Fax the Prime Minister of Tuvalu today:


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