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Over the last two years The Stop The war movement has made a major contribution to the debate around the Iraq War. Simply by its sheer numbers, The Stop The War Coalition has become the voice of millions of British people who have opposed this illegal war.

On Wednesday 14th July, to coincide with the publication of Lord Butlers Inquiry into the intelligence and legality of the Iraq war, Stop The War will have a number of experts available for interview.

Security Service Failures

David Shayler has spoken in great depth at a number of Stop The War meetings on the failure of the security services to correctly identify the fact that Saddam had no stockpiles of WMD’s. David, from his years working inside the security services, is able to give a clear and analytical perspective on this central part of the Butler Report. He is also able to shed light on how the Official Secrets Act has today silenced any internal dissention against the war.

Legal failings

Lord Butler will use his report to look at the legal advice government received in the run up to the war. Louise Christian is one of a group of lawyers who have produced the definitive legal brief on the illegality of war. Her grasp of the complexity of the constitutional position on the war is second to none. Louise has been an articulate and provocative legal spokesperson on behalf of The Stop The War Coalition.

Public Opinion

Over three million people have taken to the streets in the last two years to show their opposition to the war. One of the leading organisers of this campaign has been Lindsey German National Convenor of The Stop The War Coalition.

Lindsey is one of the most respected speakers against the war and is able to provide ‘grass roots’ analysis of what the millions of opponents to the war feel about the Butler Report.

Millions of people have been proven to be right in their opposition to this war – Their voice is an essential part of the democratic debate this country needs to have as to why we went into this illegal war.

For further information or to book an interview please contact the Press Office at Stop The War on

0207 053 2153/4/5/6 – Office



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