Mast campaigners furious over National Lib dem stance

While the mobile phone tower issue is relatively low key in Australia the issue is taking an interesting political direction in the UK with the telcos attempting to subvert the democratic system by running their own candidates in local elections. Old Dick Cheney would wonder what's the matter with that!

Don Maisch

Mast campaigners furious over National Lib dem stance

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Mast campaigners furious over National Lib dem stance

National Mast Campaign Mast Sanity is backing Birmingham residents, who are demanding that Phone Mast Public Relations guru Nicola (Nokia) Davies, the Lib Dem Hodge Hill candidate in this Thursday's Parliamentary by-election resigns, and that the Lib Dem leadership publicly condemn the present phone mast policy that Ms Davies has so often defended.

A campaign against the prospective Lib Dem candidate has been building up since her nomination, with local residents, and recently recruited Lib Dem Candidates furious that a candidate who, entrenched in the desire to override local wishes to install masts in the most inappropriate locations, is being whole-heartedly accepted by the national leadership.

Local Lib Dem's who are being backed by other Lib Dem members from across the UK are furious with the reactions of Charles Kennedy, Simon Hughes, Vince Cable and Mark Oaten MP, and other leading Lib Dems, and demand that they reverse their stance and distance the Liberal Democrats from this candidate.

Feelings are running so high within the rank and file membership of the Liberal Democrats that mast activists and recently recruited candidates from the thousands of campaigns against mobile phone and TETRA masts across the country are threatening to leave the Lib Dems for good. Fury was also vented against Ms Davies over the very damaging evidence that she presented to the high profile Winchester Mast Inquiry, which saw a totally inappropriately sited mast being installed close to a school that is now potentially harming the health of hundreds of children. She was also involved in 'community liaison' matter at a school in Boldmere, situated a few miles north of Hodge Hill, where her ability to smile as she lied was

Lisa Oldham, Director Mast Sanity said, "It is appalling that the national leadership of the Liberal Democrats have backed this candidate in a situation which could easily have been put down as a local mistake. The national determination to install her as an MP in an area where the mast campaign is so huge and volatile, shows complete disregard for local resident's feelings and concerns.

We intend to lobby as many people as possible to make sure the Liberal Democrats realise all across the country that this is not acceptable and that Mobile phone masts are a huge political problem, that will come back to haunt them if politicians fail to take the concerns of those affected by insensitively sited masts seriously. The repercussions could be severe and will be reflected in this and forth-coming elections - and not just in Birmingham".

Amanda Wesley a recent Lib Dem candidate and a member of Mast Sanity said: "I am utterly disgusted at the attitude of the Liberal Democrat Party, and do not intend to accept the stance of the Party's leaders. The Lib Dems asked me to stand in the last election as a result of my involvement in opposing local insensitively sited masts, largely arranged by people like Nichola Davies. One of these I am still fighting, because T-Mobile and their 'community liaison' people manipulate, ignore, and speculate upon the law, ignoring it completely when they can't find a loophole. The Mast in Chipstead Road, which I am still fighting because TMobile and their 'Community Liaison' people fought and lost at planning but ignored all legal enforcements, was arranged by people like Nokia Davies.

I now see this as a total slap in the face to my colleagues and I, as well as the many other mast campaigners who were persuaded to stand for the Lib Dems. I now urge all people in this constituency NOT to vote Lib Dem. In my view, this woman should never have been selected as a candidate. I have made a point of not meeting her, having dealt with other such 'Community Liason' people. Members of the Lib Dems in Birmingham, and across the country need to send a firm message to the party, we will not stand by and allow our party to be taken over by those that are working against the interests of the communities they seek to represent."

Pamela Chapman a Lib Dem Councillor in Wales and also the Mast Sanity Parliamentary Lobby Coordinator said, " I am devastated by this irresponsible nomination. Councillors including myself will have to look long and hard at where are loyalties lie in this if the leadership insist on the Lib Dems supporting this woman."

Mast Sanity is urging other elected Lib Dems and ordinary members to show their disgust with their leadership, by taking part in a national 'wake' at 11am on Thursday, as Hodgehill goes to the polls to symbolize the demise of the Lib Dems so called stance against an inappropriate mast policy. It is suggested that many will want to also take part in burning of their membership cards.

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Lisa Oldham

Pamela Chapman

Amanda Wesley


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