EMF fields in the brain increase nitric oxide levels

I have been receiving your emails regarding electromagnetic sensitivity issues. I wanted to mention two things to you:

1. There are several publications showing that EMF fields in the brain increase nitric oxide levels including the following:

147. Kim, S.S., Shin, H.J., Eom, D.W., et al. 2002, Exp Mol Med 34,53.

148. Yoshikawa, T., Tanigawa, M., Tanigawa, T., et al. 2000, Pathophysiology 7,131.

149. Miura, M., Takayama, K., and Okada, J. 1993, J Physiol 461,513.

150. Kavaliers, M., Choleris, E., Prato, F.S., and Ossenkopp, K. 1998, Brain Res 809,50.

151. Seaman, R.L., Belt, M.L., Doyle, J.M., and Mathur, S.P. 1999, Bioelectromagnetics 20,431.

This, in an of itself, does not imply the nitric oxide necessarily has a causal role in EMF sensitivity. However the role of other stressors in related illnesses that can also increase nitric oxide, and also the role of at least four classes of chemicals implicated in MCS also acting to increase nitric oxide, suggests a causal role.

2. I have suggested that the form of vitamin B12 known as hydroxocobalamin, which has been used for decades to treat this group of illnesses (primarily through IM injections of 5 to 10 mg doses) is known to be a potent nitric oxide scavenger and may be acting, in such treatment, by lowering nitric oxide levels.

Pall ML 2001 Cobalamin used in chronic fatigue syndrome therapy is a nitric oxide scavenger. J Chronic Fatigue Syndr 8(2):39-45.

It follows that if hydroxocobalamin is useful in lowering EMF sensitivity, this will help confirm a role of nitric oxide. I am unaware of any data testing this prediction.

Martin L. Pall,
Professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences,
Washington State University


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