The mobile phone users have brought this plague on themselves (and on us)

Argus letter:

Waste of time

FOLLOWING Gary Kemps letter (The Argus Aug 31) about G3 cellphone masts, we have just been through the most frustrating experience of objecting to one erected two doors away from us in New Church Road. All the form filling and meetings were a complete waste of time.

In spite of the full support of our local MP Celia Barlow it seems little can stop these masts from being put up - no doubt this is the power of commercial money raising its head.

It seems they do not actually need planning permission, even though this mast is directly opposite a new nursery catering for kids up to five years old.

It seems Government advice to avoid such locations are only guidelines and not obligatory. So what use are such guidelines? (Er..so are Gov't guidelines to ignore health concerns but these are regarded as law by planners)

As far as potential illnesses resulting from these masts, by the time they appear it will be too late.

The phone company directors will no doubt be sunning themselves on their yachts, alongside retired gov't ministers, and local kids will be travelling to Poland to have their leukaemia treated because the NHS is too busy to treat them.

Author of letter was Dr M Boyask


She is right is a sad way. If no sites are given then the antennas will come to lamposts and street furniture where they do not need permission, even under GPDO.

The real problem are the mobile phone users. Latest data show about 55% of all mobile phone calls in the UK are made from home.

Therfore many masts are needed near homes in order to cope with the call traffic.

Rather than campaign about the masts, campaign to stop people using their mobiles at and near their homes and schools. That would remove the need for over half of the masts in the UK and about 90% of those near to homes.

The mobile phone users have brought this plague on themselves (and on us!).

More and more people are removing their land-line connection and subscribing to a mobile phone service only.



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