Declare Energy Independence



On July 4th, Declare Energy Independence!

Dear Fellow Citizen,

On America's birthday, we're asking you to do something patriotic, visionary and bold. This July 4th, help America declare energy independence by signing the Apollo Pledge http://action.apolloalliance.org/petition, a challenge to Presidential candidates and other elected officials telling them to lead our country in a better direction. We will deliver this pledge to the candidates at key points throughout the election starting this summer at both major parties' political conventions.

Sign the Apollo Pledge and Declare Energy Independence: http://action.apolloalliance.org/petition

As our country celebrates its 228th year of independence, we face real problems -- from high gas prices to an outdated electricity grid. It's time to demand good jobs here at home and to ensure that no American soldier is put in harms way defending Middle East oil. The new Apollo Project, named for President John F. Kennedy's bold challenge to send a man to the moon, will build a sustainable economic future that breaks our addiction to imported oil, cleans up the environment, and invests in American infrastructure and jobs that can't be outsourced.

Sign the Apollo Pledge and Declare Energy Independence: http://action.apolloalliance.org/petition

This is a country built on hope and innovation. On July 4th, help us solve our most pressing challenges by building a growing movement for Energy Independence. Take the pledge at http://action.apolloalliance.org/petition! And as you head off to picnic with family or watch the fireworks with friends, bring our pledge along with you -- click here to download the pledge form: http://www.apolloalliance.org/strategy_center/declaration.cfm. Or you can forward this email to five more of your friends by using our tell-a-friend interactive tool: http://action.apolloalliance.org/tellafriend/

Together we can make a difference!


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