There is a lot of sentiment, that many Democrats do not really sufficiently oppose the Republican party

There is still a lot of sentiment, especially among progressive Democrats, that many Democrats do not really sufficiently oppose the Republican party. Here is a letter by Josh Mitteldorf (josh at mathforum.org) on the markcrispinmiller blogspot on January 16, 2006.

DINO alert

That's "Democrats In Name Only."

Here is an important email from Josh Mitteldorf, urging that we take a long hard look into the "opposition party," to find out why it's not an opposition party.


Dear Mark,

The reason our republic is in crisis is not that we have a ruthless, criminal administration in power; it is not that the press is controlled by self-serving corporations; it is not because rampant bribery has overtaken the Congressional agenda; and the massive, devious and sinister program by Repuglicans to subvert democracy is still not adequate explanation for the crisis. The reason our republic is in crisis is that we have no opposition party.

Without proof, I offer the following hypothesis as a possible explanation for softness of the Democrat opposition: the Democratic party is thoroughly infiltrated by well-paid, under-cover agents of the Right.

It is awfully convenient for the junta that controls America that mainstream Dems are not screaming, "Crisis! Crisis!" In abandoning a great mass of disaffected voters on the left to pursue a tiny sliver of swing voters at the ever-shifting right, the Dems have forsaken their majority status. With their silent acquiescence to election theft, they have helped Repuglicans hollow out the foundation on which Democracy is built.

Perhaps the Democratic surrender should not be attributed to stupidity or incompetence. Rather than puzzle about all this behavior that runs dramatically counter to the Democrats' self-interest, we should be asking, In whose interest are these policies being pursued? This line of reason leads to the hypothesis that the Democratic party has been deeply infiltrated. Many of the weak candidates that run and win in Democratic primaries are posing in this role in order to subvert the party; and trusted advisors who are whispering in the ears of top Democratic leaders are double agents, generously funded by the Right to infiltrate and subvert the Democratic strategy machine. [...] Read the rest at http://www.markcrispinmiller.blogspot.com/

Incidentally, another interesting article follows this one on the MCM blog: "Say NO to Alito, damn it!"

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