New spectrum auctions

Ofcom are in planning to auction off the spectrum of 1785 - 1805 MHz. The consultation about this is still running. Shouldn't we make a representation about the health risk? Is anyone aware of any studies about this frequency having been done? (we could approach Ecolog to check their database) The licence will allow any use, at really high output. I think we need to make a point about the precautionary principle.

Best, Andrea



Here is the PDF document of the Draft Annual Plan of OFCOM
//www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/ofcom_annual_plan_2006.pdf and my comments to it:

Please forward it to the Mastsanity email group. Hopefully others will take this matter up too and send their own comments to OFCOM. the consultation closes on February 10. There is another consultation running specifically on the auctioning of licences for yet unused UHF frequencies. Maybe someone more technically versed than myself can take this up and send their comments with regards to that. That consultation runs until the beginning of March.


If anyone lives near the following locations and can attend one of OFCOM's annual plan consultation events it would be good. Unfortunately we missed the London one as we didn't find out in time.

18th Jan Plymouth and Belfast

19th Jan Londonderry and Dumfries

20th Jan Glasgow and Cardiff

26th Jan Liverpool

3rd Feb Caernarfon



I suppose the point is that we should ask OFCOM to halt any further sell off of any frequencies and the roll out of digital TV until, roll out of WIFI, etc the health issue is properly investigated.

Perhaps we should get a UK wide petition on it?



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