Earth to Exxon: Stop trying to drill in the Arctic Refuge!

What would you do with $25 billion? Well, if you were ExxonMobil you'd continue to insist on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, sabotage efforts to slow global warming, and try to weasel out of paying the full amount owed to the fishermen and Native Americans affected by the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill, which killed hundreds of thousands of seals, otters, birds, fish and whales. That's what ExxonMobil is doing with its historic $25 billion in profits from 2005.

But we're making a difference. Wildlife supporters from across the country banded together last month to narrowly defeat ExxonMobil's latest attempt to industrialize the Arctic Refuge. This was a huge victory for the polar bears, caribou and other wildlife that call the Refuge home!

If we want to guarantee lasting protection for our wildlife in Alaska and beyond, ExxonMobil must change its ways. That's where you come in. Defenders of Wildlife and other leading conservation groups are calling for a boycott of ExxonMobil - join the boycott today!

Here's why we need you to join the boycott today: purchasing a tank of Exxon gas helps fuel the company's anti-wildlife agenda, funding misleading advertisements and lobbying efforts to industrialize in our special wild places and paying for junk science on global warming that's wrecking crucial habitat. Do you really want to line the pockets of a company that fleeces consumers at the pumps while it still refuses to pay for the devastation it caused to Alaskan wildlife in the 1988 Exxon Valdez spill?

If just 25,000 Care2 members pledge to boycott Exxon, we could have a huge impact. At current astronomical gasoline prices, with Americans spending perhaps $50 to $70 a week on gasoline our boycott would mean at least $1.25 million in lost income each week. That's $65 million a year. That should get their attention!

Since money is the only language ExxonMobil understands, it's time for all Americans to talk to them in that language. Join the boycott of ExxonMobil - sign our petition to ExxonMobil to let them know that you will not purchase their gasoline until they change their polluting ways!

Thank you for helping to protect our wildlife,

Rebecca Young, Care2 and ThePetitionSite team

P.S. In case you need another reason to boycott ExxonMobil: using existing technology to ensure our automobiles get no less than 40 miles per gallon would save four times more oil than will be produced by drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - yet ExxonMobil spends millions every year to lobby for access to the Arctic Refuge. Join the boycott today!

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Boycott ExxonMobil Until It Becomes a Responsible Corporate Citizen!


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