The cellular companies will have to pay compensation even without a proven health harm

Just look at this, from Iris in Israel.

It looks as if things are finally on the right road.

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Summary from Haaretz News
by Eran Gabai and Maariv
National Newspaper 3.1.06

The cellular companies will have to pay compensation even without a proven health harm

The cellular companies will have to pay compensation of 100% to the local authorities, according to the decision of the national authority for planning and construction from today, and the decision will enter to validity immediately.

The committee stressed that since local authorities do not share the profits of the cellular industry, there is no reason why they should pay/ be responsible to pay to citizens who sue for property value reduction.

A strong hit for the cellular companies. The national authority for planning and construction decided today that the compensation document (commitment of the cellular companies to pay) will serve as a condition to every permission of cellular antennas. Lawsuits of hundreds of millions shekels were filed until today. The authority will present its decision to the government.

A journey of pressures is expected from the cellular companies.

The subject of compensation was the central issue which was discussed with regard to the antennas law, which passed in the parliament. According to the new law the cellular companies must pay compensation to the local authorities for future lawsuits for property value reduction, and there is a need to set the distance of antennas from sensitive places.


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