Our secret weapon to SAVE the Supreme Court

The People's Email Network thanks you for your diligent participation over the last year, which has already started to result in policy victories, including saving the ANWR from desecration, affirming the ban against torture, and even derailing the Patriot Act.


With this email we announce the launch of a revolutionary NEW and more powerful way of doing online activism. You have reported to us repeated instances of large corporate ISPs blocking our email alerts, and as our numbers have grown we have wracked our brains for the ultimate solution to this problem. Because we are doing action pages for no charge for more and more other groups, you have asked us to find a way to prepopulate those forms for you so you don't have to enter your basic contact information every time. And most of all, because we may not always agree each of us on everything, we have had calls to go back to our original format of voting pages with Yes/No options for all questions. And here is what we have created for you.


From the page link just above you can download the new Desktop Action program. What it does is establish a direct communication link between you and the policy makers you want to talk to, right at your fingertips from your computer desktop, with no computer browser or conventional email alerts from us required. It automatically updates its own selection menus as new priority questions are at issue, and gently lets you know when there is a need for the people to rally to speak out. We have included many other special features like a function to save your personal comments, the ability to import address books, and other things you have been asking for.


On this same page you will also find links to the latest series of action pages, but if you download the Desktop Action program itself you can submit your personal comments on all of them so quickly and easily you will be astounded. The most pressing urgency is to get as many concerned citizens as possible to speak out now on what direction our Supreme Court should go. So please at least speak out on that one, and keep speaking out even if you already have, until the people prevail. With the abuses of presidential power growing more brazen and outrageous by the day, now is the time for the people to speak out together in the loudest voice possible to prevent the installation of a deciding vote for executive tyranny.

Please note, the ONLY way you can obtain a copy of the Desktop Action program is to download a copy directly from the site above. We will never under any circumstances distribute the program in any other way, and for this reason we ask you not to send a copy of the program yourself to anyone else you know, no matter how fantastic and wonderful you think it is. Instead, send all your friends a link to the site above, so they can actually visit the page and know you are getting the latest digitally signed security copy of the Desktop Action program.


In the meantime, if you know anyone who is running for office, especially if there is an incumbent you think deserves to be challenged in their own PRIMARY, please contact us at once and we will set them up with the magic tools you will need to come from nowhere with no money and win. In particular, the best way to persuade those incumbents to vote the correct way now is to make them feel the heat from our side. Email us at once on this as time is of the essence.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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