'Within days, my heart was really bad'

[January 02, 2006]

(The Sunday Herald Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)WRITER Ron Butlin believes he fell victim to the EMF waves emitted by his cordless phone. A few years ago, he had problems with an irregular heartbeat. These subsided until June, when he bought a Dect phone.

"I didn't make any connection, I was having a bit of a busy time . . . then bang, my heart just suddenly went really badly within days."

Butlin spent two nights in hospital with his heart in constant spasm in a condition he describes as being similar to that of Tony Blair, which required routine heart surgery. Butlin underwent an operation just before Christmas and is now recovering at home.

"It was only just before we were leaving to go to Switzerland a couple of weeks ago. I happened to mention something to my agent in London and he said his partner had been suffering something similar, and in Germany they had all been blaming this Dect phone. We took the phone off, and immediately I felt better."

When Butlin still had the phone, he would take it down to the garden, where he liked to work in good weather. The fact the phone was able to receive a signal at such a distance now worries him.

"It's blasting everything down through three storeys, so you imagine how powerful it is."

Butlin said that during his recent visit to Switzerland, Dect phones were being sold at cut prices because of concerns that the government might introduce health warnings or even ban their sale. Here in the UK, however, Butlin is shocked at there being "so little concern".

"As one article said, it's like having a phone mast in your own bedroom, yet there's almost nothing about this, whereas there's concern about masts and mobiles."

He would like to see Dect phones come with a health warning, even though he concedes that his heart problems predated his purchase of one of the phones.

"I have no doubt that these phones have a big part to play [in my condition], " he added.

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DECT phones and health


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