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The Editor
Gorgie/Dalry Gazette
14th November 2005

Dear Sir


Some readers may have missed the significance of the above item on page 8 of the October Gazette, amongst Fountainbridge Library news. There are very good reasons why people living in the vicinity should be alert to the possibility of a phone mast on the roof of the library. Not least is the building’s architectural merit and its history as a Nelson Hall, gifted for the benefit of the people. What would be the visual impact of a rooftop phone mast installation? More worrying is the fact that very little research has been done here into the health effects of microwave exposure. The sort of radiation you get from mobile phone masts and base stations has not been scientifically investigated while the sale of operating licenses has been pushed ahead. Yet residents near masts are increasingly reporting a variety of health effects, including serious illnesses.

Sweden has already acknowledged that people can suffer from exposure to electromagnetic fields and that this condition is not psychosomatic. In July this year over 170 doctors wrote to their Prime Minister in Germany imploring him to take action over the proliferation of phone masts. In their letter to Edmund Stoiber they said “many people have become ill with a characteristic combination of symptoms, at exposure levels far below the guideline limits.” The symptoms include sleep disturbance, headaches, depression, dizziness, sinusitis, palpitations and nausea. Emissions form DECT (cordless) phones are also associated with these symptoms and with concentration disturbance.

This has been known for some time and a range of protective products – paints, foils, screening net curtains etc. are now available, as people become more aware and anti mast campaigns increase. Even the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has acknowledged that increasing numbers of people in the UK suffer from electro sensitivity and that Britain should follow Sweden in recognising it as a physical impairment. (See Sunday Times 11th September and Daily Mail 12th September 2005). Their report has since been watered down to be almost meaningless, for reasons that may not be too hard to grasp.

Adults at least understand enough to speak out when new symptoms arise but what about our children? Can they explain? Will they grow up thinking this is the norm? There are far too many masts and far too few answers. Find out more from http://www.mastsanity.org and http://www.tetrawatch.net websites. In the meantime put the brakes on yet another mast in this area.


Open letter to Edmund Stoiber, Prime Minister, Germany


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